Air Conditioning RentalToday, you can apply and rent a brand-new air conditioner from Alpha Energy Solutions with no deposits, no upfront charges, or delivery fees! However, there are things you should learn about renting an air conditioner before opting to commit or renting one. Below, we take you through some of the factors to consider for air conditioning rental and the benefits that come with renting a portable air conditioner from Alpha Energy Solutions.

You give yourself many inconveniences and responsibilities when you purchase a new HVAC unit like an air conditioner. We help you get rid of these responsibilities.  Using air conditioning rentals saves you the money, time, and energy you would have spent. When you rent a unit, you are responsible for:

  • You get to select the best rental company to provide you the unit and services
  • You also understand any monthly charges that could apply
  • You understand the terms and condition, in case you want to end the lease earlier
  • you get to calculate and know the total cost you will spend before renting the air conditioner. This helps you identify if it’s a good financial decision to make.

Given this outline for what you are responsible for when you rent, below are the benefits of air conditioning rental.

  1. Costs/Expenses

Money determines almost everything we get or use in our lives. The price for renting is the number one factor. Rental expenses, when compared to purchasing expenses, tend to overweigh buying the air conditioner. In case you don’t have enough money to buy one, you still get to have the air conditioner in your home through renting.

  1. Servicing

Having identified how much it will cost you to rent, service of the air conditioner comes next. If you rent your equipment from Alpha Energy solutions, we guarantee servicing. We will regularly test and inspect your air conditioner to meet your needs. Our rental units, before servicing, during, and after the rental period, is our responsibility.

  1. Maintenance

The rental air conditioner should have filters cleaned regularly. The condensate jugs should be emptied and kept in the unit while tubes should be inspected and repaired.

  1. Portability

Alpha Energy Solutions has customized its portable air conditioners to make them relatively easy to move from site to site. This has been made possible by additional handles and high-quality casters that make it easier to transport.

  1. Flexibility and Enhanced Productivity

Other benefits include flexibility from HVAC rentals which enable you to plug them anywhere you need to. You also get to save on money because buying one can be costly. Finally, air conditioning rental can help boost your office productivity, especially during the summer season when the heat makes it uncomfortable for most people to work. By renting our air conditioner, employees, or you, will be comfortable and manage your work comfortably.

At Alpha Energy Solutions, your comfort is our happiness. Comfort is why we provide you the air conditioning rental with a free home assessment; zero sets up costs, zero service charge, same day service, and protection and maintenance plans.

Suppose you have been debating on whether to rent or buy an air conditioner. By the end of this article, you know where you stand. Call us today and have us set up your air conditioner on the same day.


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