Kentucky Hot Water JetterWater jetting is one of the best, economical, and environmentally safe ways of cleaning your drainage.  A Kentucky hot water jetter cleans your drainage perfectly or twice the work cold water would have done. Kentucky Hot water jetter, made by Alpha Energy Solutions and outfitted with optional hot-water capability, makes short and easier the tough work of drain cleaning problems. For any industrial property or commercial organizations and businesses, you need a jetter to wash down the grease from your pipes and any fatty solids that could clog in your sewer line.

Alpha Energy Solutions Kentucky Hot water jetter gives you several advantages when cleaning your drainage than cold water use

Saves on Time

Kentucky Hot Water Jetter save your timeAs mentioned in the introduction, the Kentucky hot water jetter does twice the work that would have been done by cold water. The jetter has proven to clean ducts faster and better. Hot water easily removes grease within a short time as you could spend much time using cold water working on a small area and can also create more clogs in the rest of the drainage line.


The high pressure from the 180-degree heated water is extra competent than other sewer cleaning systems. Its capability to breach into built-up debris through the hot water flushes out all substances that could cause clogging and block pipes.


Kentucky Hot Water Jetter is eco frienldyAlpha Energy Solutions has integrated its Kentucky hot water jetting system into a higher level of efficiency and cleanliness. Unlike other traditional methods of drain cleaning that break up materials and leave debris behind only to cause blockage in other areas, a jetter gets rid of clogs entirely and in a secure manner preventing further reformation of clogs. The use of hot water ensures that no chemicals or harmful substances go down the drain or into the water treatment plant.

Productivity Boost

The Kentucky hot water jetter is a great productivity booster given its features, such as the general triplex pump that generates high pressure of 3,500 psi and a flow of 4 GPM, the fan-cooled electric motor, and a 13 hp gasoline Honda engine that powers the hot water pump that makes work easier. The same applies to cleaning grease traps whereby the hot water melts the grease, enhancing work productivity by speeding up the job instead of taking long using cold water.

Other benefits include

Our Kentucky hot water jetter system provides you with a half-a-year guarantee against another clog from occurring soon. The Kentucky hot water jetter gives you great confidence and gives you a feeling that everything has been done perfectly before coming up with the solution of digging up the drainage and replacing it if need be. Alpha Energy Solutions advises that if the Kentucky hot water jetter cannot open up your drainage or sewer line, nothing else will. As a customer, you want to see that we have done everything possible before resorting to changing your sewer line.

If you aren’t sure of what is going on in your sewer line or drainage, give Alpha Energy Solutions a call and have your drainage cleaned using our highly efficient Kentucky hot water jetter system.

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