The Key Industrial HVAC Parts: An HVAC system is truly a complex system comprising different parts, all with their assigned duties. Every HVAC part is has a unique responsibility and purpose. Without one, then the whole system can grind to a halt. And on the commercial level, the scale of Industrial HVAC parts becomes much more significant.

Here are the essential Industrial HVAC parts in Industrial HVAC systems.

Essential Industrial HVAC parts in commercial HVAC systemsThermostat Industrial HVAC Parts

The thermostat is a simple device that is supposed to regulate the temperature of the building. It is supposed to adjust the cooling and heating systems according to the need.

Air Conditioner Industrial HVAC Parts

It isn’t easy to forget about the air conditioners as they are solely responsible for providing the cooling. It has to be remembered that the ACs themselves do not cool the building. Instead, they work with other systems to achieve that purpose. On its own, all it does is remove the heat and dehumidify the air. It works just like a traditional residential one.

Compressor Industrial HVAC Parts

The compressor is the one component that essentially kicks starts the cooling process. It compresses the refrigerant (which is still in gas) to raise its temperature. Afterward, it is passed to the condenser so the cooling can start in earnest.

Compressor the Industrial HVAC PartsCondenser:

Also known as the heat exchanger, the condenser is responsible for removing the heat from the interior to the exterior. If you know about heat exchangers, you would know that it is the hot counterpart of the air conditioner. To achieve the mentioned purpose, the gas refrigerant is turned into liquid. It can also serve the opposite: collect heat from the exterior in a heat pump.

Thermal Expansion Valve:

A part of the condenser is supposed to lift the pressure from the liquid refrigerant, allowing it to cool into gaseous form.

Air Handler:

The air handler contains the evaporator coils and blower. The former contains and transports refrigerant from one place to another in the Industrial HVAC system. On the other hand, the blower is supposed to blow the treated air in the building, no matter if it’s cool or hot.

Terminal Units:

They contain air filters and coils in addition to the blower. Their size can differ and can be used to regulate the temperature of individual rooms.


Chiller is an Industrial HVAC partsChillers are industrial-level devices used to bring down the temperature of a process. In an industrial HVAC system, this Industrial HVAC part is supposed to bring down the temperature of the water that is running through the infrastructure. A chiller can come in different types, and it can be air-cooled or water-cooled. Similarly, the price also depends upon the capacity and size of the chiller.

Duct Work + Ventilation System:

Although not technological, they are still essential Industrial HVAC parts. After all, it is through them the treated air is distributed through the whole infrastructure. These systems are connected with other components, linking the whole system into one network.

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