Boiler ServiceServicing your boiler is among the most overlooked things in our homes, and we rarely give it a priority. As long as you get to the shower and your water is heated, you don’t stop to think if that boiler needs service. It is until winter, when we need more heat and heated water, that we need the boiler as much as possible. For proper functioning and a long lifespan, your boiler should get serviced at least annually. At Alpha Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your heating system runs safely and effectively. The best time to service your boiler is during the Summer season when your boiler is least used or not used at all. Here are signs to look out for that will tell you your boiler requires servicing.

Boiler service & safety

Alpha Energy Solutions takes boiler & safety and servicing seriously, and we would much enjoy taking you through these signs that call for your boiler servicing.

  1. Lack of maintenance

Like any other equipment, your boiler is no exception to servicing. Unfortunately, you cannot remember the last time or day you serviced your boiler. If you haven’t given it a thought, now is the time to call in for service, and this will give you a comfortable winter season.

  1. Leaks

Suppose you notice leaks from your boiler, its time to dial that number and have Alpha Energy Solutions service your boiler. Leaks are risky, and they could be preparing you for even huge problems on the way. Don’t hesitate, call us immediately, and we will show up, ready to service your boiler.

  1. Clogged Filters

If you take long without servicing your boiler, over time, the filters become clogged. Clogging immediately calls for cleaning or replacing the filters. With servicing, you can replace the filters every month. If the filters get dirty than usual, call Alpha Energy Solutions to inspect your boiler and prevent breakdowns.

  1. Slow Heating Process

Do not ignore the signs when your boiler can no longer heat your home quickly or as usual. If you notice a slow healing process, it could be indicating a problem and a warning for bigger challenges to come. Call us at Alpha Energy Solutions for boiler service today rather than waiting for a breakdown.

  1. Poor Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed a rise in your energy consumption? The fact that your boiler needs service could reflect on your utility bills. As energy costs rise, you don’t want your boiler to have issues, instead, get it serviced and enhance its operations which will benefit you in the end. You do not have to spend a fortune to heat your home, be on the lookout for such indications and service your boiler.

  1. Hissing Sounds

When you begin to hear sounds from your boiler, it is a sign that it needs inspection. This will call for thorough cleaning of your boiler and regular maintenance from Alpha Energy Solutions. Other signs may include poor air circulation, gas leakage, the age of your boiler.

Having learned what to look out to determine when your boiler needs servicing, take action and contact Alpha Energy Solutions to help with your boiler service. We are here to help and respond to any queries regarding boilers.

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