commercial sanitizer services very helpful against virusesThe advantages of using Commercial Antiviral Sanitizer: Anyone will agree that the viral pandemic, which started in early 2020, has caused several deaths and crippled the global economy. Viruses play a significant role in respiratory illnesses, and viral transmissions occur through close human contact or by touching contaminated surfaces, as in Covid-19.

Commercial Antiviral sanitizers are used for careful sanitization and disinfection of human skin and surfaces and address the unmet needs by offering innovative and highly effective sanitizing solutions to prevent viruses. A lack of effective Commercial antiviral sanitizers causes new viral infections that spread rapidly within the community and often lead to high fatality rates and financial loss.

The antiviral spectrum of the active ingredients comprises biocidal performance against the spread of both enveloped viruses and non-enveloped viruses. The compositions in the sanitizers can be used for both sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. Alpha Energy Solutions provides you with Commercial antiviral sanitizers for your safety and as a measure to prevent the spread of viruses in your homes and offices.

Advantages of using Commercial Antiviral Sanitizer

The advantages to use Commercial Antiviral SanitizerCommercial Antiviral sanitizers are ready-to-use products- The use of these sanitizers is paramount to limiting the spread of viral infections. Alpha Energy Solutions offers readily available sanitizers that can be installed and carried anywhere you go with ease. All you need to do is call us to deliver and install the Commercial antiviral sanitizer dispenser, and you can use it.

  • Cleanliness – One of the foremost advantages of using antiviral sanitizers is cleanliness. The product sanitizes your hands and surfaces, thus leaving them clean. The antiviral product was designed to kill germs and pathogens, and they get the job done. when properly applied, Commercial antiviral sanitizers eliminate 999.9% of germs.
  • Wide spectrum, antiviral activity – The efficiency of antiviral sanitizers comes from the sanitizer’s components of metal ions with broad antiviral activity. Our Commercial antiviral sanitizer has a broad spectrum of viral targets, safe for human skin and use, preventing you from contracting common viral infections.
  • Another advantage is that the antiviral sanitizers contain active elements considered safe (GRAS) by the US FDA and listed in the FDA’S EAFUS database.
  • Commercial Antiviral sanitizers also provide you with a fast-sanitizing effect. You can allocate them at entry points of your house or building using technologically advanced machines that dispense them to individuals, making it easier for you to disinfect. Besides, you can also carry small bottles of antiviral sanitizer with you wherever you go.
  • Commercial Antiviral Sanitizer available in LouisvillePleasant and non-tacky formulations – Commercial Antiviral sanitizers have a good smell. They are not harsh to your nose and are not sticky to your hands. they dry up quickly after applying them on surfaces or skin.
  • Effectiveness -Unlike other sanitizers on the market, Alpha Energy Solutions provides you with a antiviral sanitizer greater than or equal to that of current alcohol-based sanitizers on the market and is operative against a wide range of organisms, including viruses.

You can prevent viral epidemics from developing by purchasing our highly effective Commercial antiviral sanitizer. Besides, Alpha Energy solutions will be there to help you install it in dispensing points at the entry of your buildings or your residents.

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