The Chill is On — Remember to Check the Heat

We all know what’s coming — chilly weather. And in our business, that means it’s time to prepare ourselves, AND our customers, by making sure that furnace systems are safe and ready to go. Remember, it’s not just a comfort issue. Every year we hear on the news about fires that start because heating equipment is not operating properly. These tragedies are heartbreaking and preventable. We came across this great story from business coach Frank Besedjnak and wanted to share it…

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Take Alpha Mechanical’s Advice on HVAC when the Heat is On, alpha suggest best 1 choice

Alpha Mechanical’s Advice on HVAC: The intense heat throughout the Midwest is unprecedented. With temps rising above 100 in Louisville and throughout Alpha Mechanical Services’ eight-state coverage area, facility managers work hard to keep buildings cool and comfortable. It’s not easy. While the temperatures have risen to a level never seen before, Alpha Mechanical’s HVAC Service and Repair department has received a record number of service call requests. Alpha is responding and taking care of its customers’ needs around the clock. Alpha Mechanical’s Advice…

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