Industrial sewer cleaning in a small business or a large industrial complex is significant. Many of these places clean drains by pouring chemicals down every few years. Drain cleaning can be a time-consuming and challenging task.

Industrial Sewer Cleaning

Benefits of Industrial Sewer CleaningEvery day, grease and food waste from restaurants and food businesses puts undue strain on drainage systems. To clear any potential blockages, heavy-duty industrial drain cleaning equipment is required. Tree roots can infiltrate drains and pipes, causing severe clogging.

Chemical solutions have only a minor effect when obstructions like tree roots or long-term grease buildup. One of the reasons for the variety of industrial drain cleaning machines available today is the demand for devices that can clean severely clogged drains quickly, affordably, and effectively.

Types of Drain Cleaning Machines for Industrial Sewer Cleaning

Different types of machines for industrial sewer cleaningThere are three main industrial drain cleaning equipment types: hydro-jetting, drain snakes, and power rodding.

When hydro-jet your pipes, you use a high-pressure water stream to clean the inside surfaces. It cleans the inside of the pipe walls of scale, grease, and other debris.

The operation’s personnel first insert a hose into the clogged pipe connected to a water tank. The system is safe because the hose can withstand the high-pressure water pumped into the pipes, and a particular machine pressurizes water from the tank. This hose fires a high-pressure water jet inside the pipe, the pressure varying depending on the pipe’s condition.

Machines that pressurize water and deliver up to 20 gallons per minute can deliver 5,000 psi or higher pressure water. To clear the pipe of obstructions, gravity must be used. Even though this machine is highly effective at cleaning drains, it has disadvantages such as freezing in cold weather and the dangers of high pressure that must be considered.

The most common and most expensive drain cleaning machine is a drain snake. Drain snaking is a simple and effective method for residential and commercial plumbing. Industrial drain snakes are long spring cables with a corkscrew on one end and a motor on the other. The motor then feeds the cable into the clogged pipe.

The cable or corkscrew at the pipe’s end can remove obstructions. A standard drain cleaning machine, but not always suitable for more challenging industrial sewer cleaning jobs found in facilities like hospitals and schools.

Use of machines in Industrial Sewer CleaningThe third most common drain cleaning machine uses this method, the power-rodding device. These systems, designed to replace drain snake machines, use a flexible metal cable to thread through drains and around bends and joints. The cable’s leading end has a cleaning head with razor-sharp teeth.

The pipe’s diameter determines the cleaning attachment’s size. The cable is rotated by an electric motor, which causes the sharp cleaning head to spin rapidly. This procedure removes any obstructions in the pipe and protrusions, such as tree roots and years of sludge buildup. The high-speed cutting tool shatters the obstructive material into small fragments that can easily flush away by water.

Regardless of the application, each of these methods has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, when used in industrial sewer cleaning machines, flexible shafts can help solve many of these issues while complementing other drain cleaning machines.

Drainage Cleaning with Industrial Sewer Cleaning

Like flexible shafts, it is made up of a tightly wound nest of springs with torsional or rotational strength rather than tensile strength. Flexible shafts have many uses.

Flexible shafts are incredibly versatile because they can be bent while still rotating. Instead, a flexible shaft can be routed over, under, and around obstacles like a solid shaft.

Flexible shafts can be used in many applications, including high-tech aerospace. Flexible shafts are influential in the tight, twisted environments encountered in drain cleaning.

Flexible shafts are smaller, lighter, and more flexible than other technologies, making them easier to clean and allowing a camera during the industrial sewer cleaning process.

Flexible shafts are as strong as other drain cleaning cables but smaller, lighter, and more flexible. Flexible shafts benefit drain cleaning machine operators in many ways. Flexible shafts are easy to use and transport due to their lightweight and small size. Industrial sewer cleaning cables are traditionally large, heavy, and difficult to maneuver.

Instead of flexible, traditional drain cleaning cables, they look like long open springs when not in use. Due to these constraints, cables may be difficult to maneuver through drains. Flexible shafts are proper when clogged pipes have many bends or are challenging to navigate with stiffer traditional drain cleaning cables.

Flexible shafts are also easier to clean than traditional drain cleaning cables. Drain cleaning cables are like large hollow springs, which naturally ventilate due to exposure to the elements. Debris may become lodged in and on the cable as it travels through the clogged drain.

The cables’ length and tight winding make them difficult to maintain and clean. On the other hand, flexible shafts are protected by a casing, making drain cleaning easier.

As a whole, each of the three primary industrial sewer cleaning methods has its unique application. Flexible shafts are a powerful, lightweight, and efficient way to clean drains that can be used in various industrial drain cleaning applications.

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