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Some facts to begin – according to BOMA, 30 percent of controllable operating costs are energy-related. Of that energy cost, 75 percent is used for HVAC and Lighting.

EnergySolutionsFSo it makes sense for any facility manager to seek out a way to save energy dollars. Alpha Energy Solutions has created a program to help customers take smart steps to save money on energy.

Keeping costs down isn’t the only challenge facility managers face. Many businesses face increases in energy rates, operating costs, and maintenance. Aging equipment, indoor air quality standards, and tenant comfort are topics that need to be addressed.  Doing more with less has become an expectation. What’s the first smart move?

Alpha Energy Solutions suggests a simple benchmark, which compares the energy usage in a facility with similar buildings, allowing for differences in climate, occupancy, and function. That sets the stage for recommendations, many of which are low-cost or no-cost, resulting in immediate and substantial savings.

Alpha will analyze results and recommend a full energy audit, which would involve placing sensors throughout the facility to measure the effect of activities in various dayparts.

Among recommendations that have influenced energy costs, and been implemented in dozens of buildings, are adjusting temperature setpoints, creating a fixed lighting schedule, reducing over-ventilation, and installing variable speed drives on air handlers. These action items are proven energy-saving methods and can save as much as 44 cents per square foot.

“Even in Kentucky, where energy prices are among the lowest in the country, it makes good financial sense to take steps toward reducing energy costs,” said Dave Hellman, Alpha Energy Solutions Director of Energy and Performance. “There are savings available in practically every building in the country. Smart facility managers are making this a priority and seeing savings immediately.”

The program used by Alpha uses available data and precise measuring to produce results. By authorizing a benchmark, facility managers get access to energy metrics and comparisons to peer buildings at no cost. That’s right; Alpha will analyze a building’s existing energy use and produce a benchmark report for its customers, and make recommendations. Then Alpha will track your savings as the changes are implemented.

It’s really a no-brainer.

“We want our customers to have the data to make smart energy decisions,” Hellman said. “We’re bringing some unique tools to the market and are confident that our customers will benefit.”


3 Myths About Energy


Energy Costs are not controllable.

 Reducing energy costs will require significant capital investment.

Reducing energy costs will make my tenants/employees less comfortable