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When Alpha Energy Solutions technicians performed preventative maintenance at a multi-screen theater complex, they discovered that some aging heat exchangers were in perilous condition.

The complex, built in the 1980s, contained 35 rooftop units. Close inspection by Alpha’s technicians revealed that eight of these units were beyond repair, that the metal parts had rusted completely through, creating a hazardous situation.  The units had suffered from routine wear and tear and would not likely have made it through another heating season.

It was October, a time when unpredictable fluctuations in temperatures could result in an immediate need to turn on the heat. What’s more, the complex had scheduled a special event for Nov. 6. Unpredictable seasonal weather conditions meant that the repairs had to be made in a short time period.

Alpha quickly delivered an assessment of the situation to the owner, who approved the work immediately. The new heat exchangers were shipped to the site. A crane was ordered to lift the units into place and remove the old ones.  In less than a week, the new heat exchangers were installed and operating, and the remaining older units were winterized.

“We understand the importance of deadlines, and when it comes to being prepared for cold weather, it’s vital for businesses to be ready to go,” said Gerry Lewis, Alpha’s Director of Sales. “In this case, we were able to move quickly to get the people and equipment in place to make the repairs, and the customer didn’t have to worry about heat.”

It was a perfect example of the value of scheduled maintenance and Alpha’s ability to respond when repairs are needed quickly.

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