Commercial Spray ServiceToday, as you walk into most buildings, you will find a sanitizer dispenser at the entry and exit of the facility or building. Most people are doing this to keep safe and follow the WHO directives of using sanitizer to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The use of Covid-19 sanitizer during and after the Covid-19 pandemic is a precautionary strategy to contain and manage the spread of the epidemic. Sanitization is playing a crucial role in tackling the ongoing epidemic. Alpha Energy Solutions cares for you and your loved ones. For this reason, we are at the forefront in making sure that we take you through different methods of covid -19 sanitization for individuals, surfaces, and the environment. As mentioned in our previous articles, specifically referring to HVAC systems concerned with eliminating pathogens from the air stream and killing viruses, Alpha Energy solution is determined to see you safe and your environment clean!

Covid-19 Sanitizer major role

Alpha Energy Solutions brings you highly advanced covid-19 sanitizer machines such as sprays and jets and dispensers. These make it easier and safe for you, customers and even workers to sanitize without having to touch the dispenser or sanitizer bottle. Our covid-19 sanitizer aims at individual sanitization and space sanitization.  Together with different regulatory organizations, we stress and emphasize hand sanitizer’s major role in this Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Hand sanitization is one of the Covid-19 sanitizers. They are portable, and you will find some people carrying them in handbags and some driving with the hand sanitizer. It is used for disinfecting your hands, a vulnerable part of your body that could spread covid-19 through personal contact. The hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, made with ethanol and propanol, found in gel, foam, and liquid forms. The presence of alcohol serves as a deactivating agent to the virus and has been proven effective by WHO.
  • Space or airstream sanitization is the second Covid-19 sanitizer. The vulnerability of an environment, especially the air you breathe, is linked to a possibility of contracting Covid-19. Alpha Energy Solutions is determined to provide you bipolar ionization technology that will ventilate and filter contaminated air. It will safely sanitize the air inside your building or residence by breaking down pathogens such as viruses into harmless compounds such as water vapor that cannot harm people.
  • Even though you may clean the air and break down viruses, the most important parts of Covid sanitizer are surfaces and the ambiance, which can control the spread of Covid-19 in buildings. These involve surface cleaning and using chemical disinfectants to clean floors. Alpha Energy Solutions provides you with jest and sprays that you can use to sanitize, especially the inaccessible corners of your office or house.

Besides, Alpha Energy solution can provide you with drones as one of the latest technologies used for Covid-19 sanitization. The drone is the safest mode of sanitization since there is no personal contact.

We can offer so much given the evolving technology, especially through HVAC systems for Covid-19 Sanitization. Do not wait until a loved one or your employee is infected; contact Alpha Energy Solutions today and have Covid-19 sanitizer equipment delivered at your doorstep and keep your facility free from Covid-19.

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