Indoor air contains some harmful microorganisms that cause diseases in humans. Currently, one of the viruses staying in the air ready to attack is the coronavirus. Louisville KY Global plasma solutions is a technology that eradicates these microorganisms by utilizing bipolar ionization technology.

Louisville KY Global plasma solutions is the best service to protect from virusIf these disease-causing pathogens are left in the air, they pose a danger of spreading respiratory diseases, which are very contagious. The primary goal of this technology is to pull the virus free of hydrogen. The main question one is left asking is how this happens. Through bipolar ionization, ions are introduced into the air then the disease-causing pathogens meet with the ions.

When this happens, a reaction takes place, resulting in the pathogens losing the hydrogen. Coronavirus, for example, requires all its components to survive and inhibit a new host. After this process, it does not have hydrogen and is thus less likely to transmit to another person.

How Louisville KY Global plasma solutions work

This article is helpful to facility owners since it shows how Louisville KY global plasma solutions work in the fight against coronavirus. A brief history of coronavirus is that it started in Wuhan, China. Later due to the movement of persons from one place to the other and from country to country, the disease began to spread like wildfire.

The working of Louisville KY Global Plasma SolutionsThis virus then started claiming lives at a very high rate. The World Health Organization (WHO) then took the initiative and declared it a global pandemic. Research conducted on the virus determined that it spread from one person to another through droplets left in the air by a contaminated person. More so, the lifespan of the virus in the atmosphere depends on many conditions. Thus, it could inhibit the mood for up to seven days.

These droplets arrive in the environment through coughing or sneezing without covering one’s mouth and nose. After the global spread, many airlines and facilities installed Louisville KY global plasma solutions using their HVAC systems. This has helped in the reduction of the reach of the virus.

Louisville KY Global plasma solutions keep safe from virus

The coronavirus is a very unpredictable virus. In the past years, we say its spreading level went down and later went up. It even came in different waves. However, many facilities and big companies turned to Louisville KY global plasma solutions to ensure they were safe from the virus.

Louisville KY Global Plasma Solutions protect from coronavirusAlthough there is no detailed research on the technology to determine the rate of virus it eradicates in the air, there is a positive review on the fact that it suppressed a significant percentage of coronavirus in the air. The technology can bring fresh outdoor air inside your facility by eradicating disease-causing pathogens and other particles that contribute to different respiratory diseases. Facility owners should consider installing Louisville KY global plasma solutions technology as it lowers the spread of coronavirus.

This technology may utilize already installed systems within your facility, cutting down on cost. After the particles cluster together and the hydrogen is eradicated, the particles come together, forming larger particles that can be removed using filtration systems within your facility.


Louisville KY Global plasma solutions is a technology that is helpful in the fight against coronavirus. The facilities that utilize it have a scheduled time when the ions are released into the environment, and the virus is captured. Many institutions, such as schools, have the system programmed in such a way that it purifies the air after every session is over. Other respiratory diseases, such as influenza, also pose a significant threat to human health.

However, with this technology put in place in facilities, all disease-causing pathogens have no chance of survival. Other preventative methods may be used with Louisville KY global plasma solutions to ensure the complete safety of the facility. However, as opposed to some measures, this technology promises cleaner and fresher indoor air.

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