After celebrating Alpha’s largest-ever Christmas Party, it’s time to share some thoughts on the year just past and how much we’re looking forward to continuing Team Alpha’s success in 2013. From Gerry Lewis, Director of Sales:

When Charlie Strong announced his decision to turn down Tennessee and remain as the University of Louisville’s football coach, he quoted the motivational speaker Stephen Covey:

” ‘You can buy a person a lot, but you can’t buy his heart. His heart is where his enthusiasm is, where his loyalty is.’ My enthusiasm and heart are with the University of Louisville.”

Alpha aspires to inspire a sense of loyalty similar to what Charlie Strong expressed for his employer. Sure, other employers will approach our people on occasion, but our loyalty and heart are with Alpha.

We have 223 team members, make that 223 families, that are thriving thanks to Team Alpha’s existence. Sure, some of our people have left for what they see as greener pastures, but many times those people come back to us. We’ve earned a reputation in our industry as a great place to work.

We are a family-oriented company. That’s not just something we say, but it’s something we demonstrate every day. It’s an important part of Alpha’s way of doing business.

Customers depend on us. Alpha’s customers know they can count on our people to get the job done.

When we’ve asked Team Alpha to pull together, the Alpha way is to get busy. That’s true whether it’s asking a technician to say on a job site overnight, asking our front office staff to work all weekend, or just figuring out how to get a customer the right equipment in an emergency.

We are not clock punchers here. We’re about to take care of our customers. We’re building our company the right way, by doing the right thing, not one time but all the time.

In 2012, we expanded our operations outside of Louisville. We opened a new office in Nashville. We’re building our presence in Knoxville. Our operations in West Virginia, Evansville, Eastern Kentucky, Lexington, and Western Kentucky all experience growth.

It couldn’t have happened without every one of you and the loyalty you give to Alpha.