When you promise customers that you cover the ENTIRE Bluegrass State, as Alpha Energy Solutions does, it takes a well-coordinated team of technicians strategically located throughout the Commonwealth.

And in Kentucky’s second-largest market, Alpha is well-equipped to serve its growing industrial, educational and retail base.

Alpha has a warehouse office in Nicholasville, just south of Lexington, and a team of a dozen technicians who call that location their home base. From there, Alpha can handle service calls in every direction, stretching eastward halfway to our Louisville headquarters, east to a point where it overlaps our eastern Kentucky base, and north and south through the I-75 corridor.

“We have plenty of confidence that we can cover any size job in central Kentucky because we’ve hired technicians who are located throughout that area,” said Gerry Lewis, Alpha Energy Solutions’ Director of Sales. “It’s a real advantage for our customers to know that in routine situations and emergencies, they can make one call and get their issues addressed right away.”