Latest Air Conditioning Rentals: Whether you have a scheduled or unexpected need for temporary cooling at your commercial facility this summer, you should be prepared to install your temporary air conditioner as quickly as possible. Consider the following things to streamline your temporary Latest air conditioning rental process.

Before Considering Latest Air Conditioning Rentals

1. Know your cooling needs

It would help if you first determined the purpose of your Latest air conditioning rental, the rental duration, and whether you will use the AC inside your facility or outdoors.

  • Do you need a primary cooling solution to keep your workers cool on a construction project?
  • Do you need a secondary Latest air conditioning unit to supplement your primary AC during a heat spell?
  • Are you looking to cool a large open space or spot cool small areas?
Latest Air Conditioning Rentals available in Louisville2. Know your space

Before contacting the Latest air conditioning rental company, you will want to determine how much space needs to be cooled. The most accurate measurement is the total cubic feet that must be covered. While the area of a room is helpful, cubic footage (length x width x height) provides a more accurate estimate of the volume needed. Additionally, you will want to determine whether you require cooling for multiple rooms or a single open area.

3. Know your outlets

Knowing the power sources in your commercial facility is critical when renting an air conditioner. While you can typically plug smaller AC units into any standard outlet, larger units may require special wiring or outlets. So be sure to find out the number of outlets and the voltage available in your facility.

4. Consider ventilation

Air conditioners exhaust hot air as part of the cooling process, and this hot air is expelled from a cooled space through ductwork. The duct can be vented through a wall, into a drop ceiling, and out of a window. By being familiar with your options ahead of time, you can help the Latest air conditioning rental company determine the ideal ducting arrangement for you.

Get Latest Air Conditioning Rentals according to needed5. Determine how much room you need

If you are working with a limited amount of space, you will want to know the size of the air conditioner you are renting — this is all the more important if you are going to leave some room for walking areas. When contacting the Latest air conditioning rental company, be sure to inform them of any space constraints or if you have flights of stairs to climb up.

6. Spare no details

Don’t forget to tell the Latest air conditioning rental company any relevant details regarding the room(s) that needs cooling. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there too many windows in the room?
  • How many people work in the room?
  • Is your room densely packed with equipment?

These are critical details to communicate to the Latest air conditioning rental company since the layout and operations of your room will influence the AC options best suited for your space.

Latest Air Conditioning Rentals BenefitsAdditional essential facts to consider
  • When do you plan to start the rental, and how long is the rental period? Is this a last-minute rental? Is it a scheduled outage or equipment change that will occur on a specific date? Is it for a “backup plan” that may or may not happen, or is it contingent on the failure of specialized equipment?
  • How many tons does your air conditioner need to be? While you may be considering a 5-ton AC to replace a failing unit or one that is being serviced, the tonnage you need and the tonnage you previously had may differ. A cost-savings and efficiency opportunity is to ensure that the size you rent matches the cooling you need — you may require a smaller size air conditioner than you think!

If you need to rent an air conditioner, consider these things before reaching out to the Latest air conditioning rental company to ensure that you get the most out of your temporary AC rental.

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