An industrial sanitizers solution is used for the disinfection of surfaces. Disinfecting surfaces should be done keenly as the solutions used must be prepared following all manufacturer’s recommendations. This is especially in terms of volume and contact time. The concentration is important to consider as if it is too high or low; it might lose its effectiveness.

In the context of COVID-19, continued disinfection of environmental surfaces is important because the virus is known to harbor on surfaces for a long time. Coming in contact with contaminated surfaces increases the risk of exposure to SARS-COV-2, which causes COVID-19.

Industrial sanitizers are important in the fight against COVID-19

Industrial sanitizers are important in the fight against COVID-19Industrial sanitizers are important in the fight against COVID-19 because the virus is enveloped by a protein-lipid, unlike other non-enveloped ones like the norovirus. Environmental surfaces are susceptible to the virus, and these surfaces are present in business facilities and hospital environments. Hospital settings include items in and outside the patients’ rooms, furniture, doctor’s stethoscope, bathrooms, and toilets.

There are countertops, mats, drapes, doorknobs, office equipment, and other shared items in other settings. Numerous studies have shown that the virus can stay on many surfaces made of different materials, and the difference is the time that it can survive there. Therefore, technicians who apply industrial sanitizers need to check the recommended dwell time to ensure the effectiveness of the sanitizers.

industrial sanitizers to environmental surfaces have undergone training

Technicians involved in applying industrial sanitizers to environmental surfaces have undergone training to follow disinfecting guidelines given by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention and World Health Organization. The training is structured, and it is checked as a mandatory requirement before staff induction at their places of work.

Industrial sanitizers is very effective for COVID-19The training includes proper preparations of disinfecting solutions, safe use of disinfecting equipment, risk management, and the risk of transmission to take precautions. The technicians take precautions by wearing protective gear such as masks, booties, and gloves to apply industrial sanitizers.

Disinfecting should be done systematically to avoid skipping certain places, and it would be from corner to corner and high places to low places. Moreover, the equipment used to disinfect areas that have had prior cases of COVID-19 should be well disinfected properly and isolated for the recommended number of days to prevent the spread of the virus to other environmental surfaces.

Similarly, disinfecting solutions should be discarded after use in an area with COVID-19 or suspected cases to avoid transmission of the virus. Disinfecting solution becomes less effective with continued use, especially if the organic load is very high and may spread viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms to other surfaces. Thus continuous change of the antiviral sanitizing solution in the equipment is crucial in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Industrial Sanitizers protecting you

Industrial sanitizers protect you against COVID-19These are trying times, and we should consider protecting our businesses and facilities from the novel coronavirus. Industrial sanitizing services are being provided widely around us, and business owners ought to engage their services. However, the application of the sanitizing solutions is not hard, and small business owners who would prefer the application of the disinfectant themselves need to study precautions and protective measures to ensure they are protected from the virus in case it is lying on the surfaces.

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