Industrial Sanitizer: Five Factors to Consider before committing

Industrial Sanitizer factors to Consider before committingThere are various industrial sanitizers available on the market. Since 2019 when the Coronavirus was first detected, several manufacturers have gone into manufacturing industrial sanitizers. This has meant that business owners have a tough choice choosing one among the sea of products available. Facility owners must make the right decision in choosing the most appropriate product for their specific needs and situation. Below are some of the factors to consider.

Expertise needed

The first factor to consider is the level of expertise needed to handle the sanitizer. In cases where a facility does not have a dedicated sanitization department or staff, the best option for complicated products would be to hire an external business that knows how to handle the product. Products requiring special equipment might require the facility to hire third-party sanitizers.

Minimum quantity

The facility size and application area dictate the volume of industrial sanitizer to be purchased, and the container the sanitizers come in also dictates how they can be used. Some manufacturers set minimum quantities of purchase, making it difficult for those who want less of a product to acquire them. Despite the quality of a product, a facility owner must weigh the need to purchase a product versus the cost-effectiveness of buying the minimum quantity.


While cheap might be expensive, industrial sanitizers are often purchased in bulk. Finding a product that matches your needs but at a reasonable price means conducting market research and due diligence to know the product’s effectiveness. Sometimes the cheapest option might be the worst as the product may not deliver. The facility manager should base their selection on experience with a product or from proper research.

Approving Body

Industrial sanitizers advantages The public has several options of products, but at the end of the day, governmental agencies like the FDA and CDC provide the best recommendations for what to look for in industrial sanitizers. Facility owners should be appraised of the current guidelines to ensure they make informed decisions before purchasing a sanitizer. Following the guidelines of approving bodies helps an organization avoid legal issues that might follow the use of banned or poorly rated products.

Apart from approving bodies, a facility manager can also look at user feedback to assess the approval rating of the product in the market. Accreditation by international bodies like the ISO is also an added advantage when selecting which manufacturer to buy their products as it means they have met set international standards.


Industrial sanitizers come in non-alcoholic and alcoholic sanitizersIndustrial sanitizers come in various forms; some contain bleaching agents and non-alcoholic and alcoholic sanitizers. A commercial center in need of industrial sanitizers will decide based on the ingredients contained in a product versus the impact the ingredients would have on business operations. For example, bleaching agents are unsafe for use on surfaces that come into contact with food; therefore, they would not be appropriate for a restaurant’s kitchen or tables.

The intended use of an industrial sanitizer also dictates the type of ingredients an organization might need. For example, thermal foggers require a specific type of sanitizing solution, while sprayers can use almost any type of industrial sanitizing solution.

In conclusion, a commercial facility must consider several factors before deciding on a particular sanitizing product. The mitigating factors range from the size of the product, the pricing, ingredients used in its manufacture, and the approving bodies that recommend the product. It should be noted that these factors do not act in isolation but complement each other. However, factors like the ingredients contained and the level of expertise needed to use the products do take higher precedence, and managers should consider them first before deciding on other factors.

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