It was just over two years ago when Alpha Energy Solutions began operations in central Indiana.

Nina Lacy, Alpha's newest tech in central Indiana, with Chris Harris

Nina Lacy, Alpha’s newest tech in central Indiana, with Chris Harris

Now the operation is going strong and growing under area manager Chris Harris.  With foreman John Alvey and apprentice technician Joe Young added to the team in 2014, the Hoosier department stays busy with several retail chains.

It has hired Nina Lacy, a licensed HVAC/Plumbing technician and the first female tech hired.

“We’re further along than we expected, quite a bit,” said Harris, who came to Alpha in 2013. ”

Other key personnel in the office are Foreman John Alvey and Apprentice Joe Young. Alvey and Harris have worked together in the area for two decades.

“Building this business is about relationships, and we’ve been able to grow our local relationships,” said Harris, who added that the addition of several retailers to the Indiana client list had boosted productivity. “Our personal approach has worked well here.”

Lacy, licensed in both HVAC and plumbing, will work on assignments throughout Alpha’s coverage area, which runs east-west from Richmond to Terre Haute and north-south from Lafayette to Bloomington.

Gerry Lewis, Alpha Energy Solutions director of sales, said the Hoosier state’s growth is a perfect example of how Alpha is growing in satellite locations.

“We’re confident that Chris Harris has put a team together that can take care of customers the way Alpha does in its other regions, and the Indiana office has shown that if you put the right pieces in place, you can be successful,” he said.