commercial HVAC system usesHVAC signifies heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. The commercial HVAC system contains various parts that perform significant heating, air conditioning, and ventilation in a facility. In fact, without these parts, it would be accurate to state that a commercial HVAC system would not perform its work effectively. Alpha Energy Solutions is highly committed to breaking down these HVAC parts and elaborates why they are important to the whole commercial HVAC system.

Why they are important to the whole commercial HVAC system

  • The furnace is frequently mistaken for boilers; however, these are two distinct HVAC appliances. It is typically positioned in the basement because it occupies a considerable amount of space in the commercial HVAC system. Also, it is accountable for transferring air to the air ducts from the heat exchanger.
  • How commercial HVAC system is importantIndividuals usually assume that the heat exchanger is a section of the furnace in the commercial HVAC system; however, this is inaccurate even though the heat exchanger is found inside the furnace. Additionally, the heat exchanger has its role in adding heat to the air coming in from the combustion chamber.
  • The evaporator coil is another significant part that is frequently confused as a part of the furnace because it is found inside the furnace. There is a fluid referred to as refrigerant, which is responsible for the cooling termed as a refrigerant. Furthermore, in the evaporator coil, this refrigerant runs through it, thus in return, the coil absorbs the heat from the air that is passing through. When this heat is absorbed from the air, the air is then cooled through the ducts and into your rooms.
  • In the commercial HVAC system, there are metallic ducts referred to as Refrigerant tubes. They link the evaporating coil and the condensing unit. These ducts link outdoors to the indoors because the condensing coil is located outdoors, while on the other hand, the evaporating coil is found indoors. Besides, the refrigeration tubes transfer the condensing fluid to the evaporating coil from the condensing unit and return the gas to the condensing unit. Linking these two parts means that these ducts carry the refrigerant at different temperatures.
  • The condensing unit is similar to the evaporator coil. It is cube-shaped and is located on the outside of the outdoor HVAC unit. In the same way as the evaporating coil, it transfers heat with air that penetrates through it. Although, the distinction between these two, apart from being located indoors while the other is found outside, is that the condenser unit produces heat to the air passing through it while the heat exchanger takes up the heat from the in-flowing air.
  • A thermostat is the most popular part of the commercial HVAC system, and it controls the air conditioning and heating system based on the temperature you settle with. Special regards to advanced technology, you can regulate your temperature despite not being at home, hence cutting the cost of your home’s energy consumption.
  • commercial HVAC system is budget friendly and not expensiveThe ductwork and vents. The air tubes move the air across the home, spreading it to every room, although the air accesses the room via the vents, which are rectangular covers. Also, the rectangular covers can be located on the ceiling or the floor of the house.
  • Furthermore, the commercial HVAC system is also made of a heat pump that transfers heat to the outside from the inside during the hot months. It moves the heat to the inside from the outside during the winter season.

The commercial HVAC systems available at Alpha Energy Solutions have these parts to provide incomparable effectiveness. Please do not shy away from contacting us for more information about HVAC parts and generally the whole system.

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