Hot Water Jetter is an excellent market for intelligent, expansion-minded operation and substantially enhances profitability. However, excessive repairs and inefficient processes will occur if these costly devices are operated incorrectly.

Then, clearing grease-clogged lines with Hot Water Jetter is a terrific way to go. If your Hot Water Jetter isn’t keeping pressure, try the following troubleshooting steps to get it back on track:

Hot Water Jetter Check for Enough Water

The water supply must be sufficient to meet your letter’s requirements. If your water supply only provides two GPM and utilizes a four GPM pump, you’re asking for trouble.

The time it takes to fill a 2-gallon bucket to determine the flow rate of your water source. You’re fine if it takes less than 30 seconds. If not, come to a complete stop right there. A lack of water will create cavitation, severely harming the pump.

Ensure high-quality water supply hose

Hot Water Jetter are not expensive in priceSmaller hoses won’t convey enough water to meet the pump’s demands. Make that the hose is free of kinks and that both ends are properly sealed.

Dripping water indicates that air has gotten into the system, causing a drop in pressure and putting the pump at risk of cavitation. If necessary, replace the hose gaskets.

Examine the inlet filter

The water flow will be restricted by a clogged inlet filter, which will create the same symptoms as a lack of water. Before each task, double-check the inlet filter.

Hot Water Jetter Examine the nozzle

The pressure will drop if the nozzle is worn, whereas the pressure will rise if the nozzle is clogged. Replace the nozzle with a new one to see if the issue goes away.

Look for any possible leaks

Pressure loss can be caused by leaking hose fittings, swivels, and other connections, as high-pressure hoses can cause it.

Hot Water Jetter Don’t Follow the Crowd

It is recommended to work upstream against the wastewater flow and pull trash downstream. Water will flow downstream as it emerges from the nozzle tips. The water from the Hot Water Jetter will start to fill up the pipe if you do it the other way around (at least until you pierce the blockage).

When the water in a sewage line has nowhere else, it can migrate down into service lines and into toilets in surrounding houses, which is usually dangerous.

Obtain a Clue

Hot Water Jetter available 24/7 hours on phone callKnowing what kind of debris you’re likely to run against can help you decide how to fly a line. If you’re pushing back rocks in a 300-foot section of pipe, it’s preferable to work in 100-foot bursts rather than jetting the entire line in one run.

If you’re pulling rocks out of the pipe, they can wedge themselves in the line and lock in like a jigsaw puzzle, preventing the nozzle from coming out. That way, you won’t have to try to pull everything out in one big pile.

It’s also beneficial to be aware, he adds. The nozzle may have leaped through a hole and out of the pipe if the debris flow suddenly turns brown and muddy.

Make sure the pressure regulator is in working

The benefit of Hot Water JetterIt is factory set for your machine’s pressure rating. If you over-tighten the unloaded, it may damage the pump. Continuing to adjust the unloaded knob after the pressure indicator stops moving upward would only strain the pump, potentially causing it to fail prematurely.

The unloaded can also become clogged with dirt, causing pressure oscillations. If the unloaded cannot be cleaned, it may need to be replaced.

Three significant factors will lead to pump failure

  • No or insufficient water
  • Water that is extremely hot (above 160 degrees F)
  • Water that has been frozen

Following the above guide will provide you with years of trouble-free jetting operation.

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