Creative Solutions for Alpha’s PM Customers

By employing a wide range of skilled technicians, Alpha Energy Solutions can create innovative solutions to workplace equipment issues.

Often these issues surface during routine inspections during Preventative Maintenance site visits. This was the case recently when Kirk Armes, an Alpha Energy Solutions boiler service technician, discovered that a customer’s equipment was susceptible to flooding because it was below ground.

Armes suggested installing a Boiler Temperature Control Panel that put the controls in an accessible location and included upgrades to modern digital technology.  The new panel calls for heat to initiate the main flame for burner operation and temperature control. The burner is used to heat a parts washer bath.

It replaces dated equipment that was mounted in a pit and susceptible to flooding. With the new equipment, the flooding issue is no longer a concern. The customer can access the panel easily.

The issue was discovered during an inspection, which revealed the parts washer tank was leaking.

“It’s always smart to look at upgrading to better technology,” Armes said. “We are trained to recognize opportunities to make facilities safer, make maintenance easier, and help customers save money.”