Covid 19 Sanitizers: The 3 Dangers of Using UV Sanitizers

ultraviolet Covid 19 sanitizers benefits Covid 19 sanitizers: Throughout human history, calamity has struck, and we have always emerged stronger from such events. The Covid 19 pandemic is one such case where human ingenuity has become apparent again. At the pandemic’s peak, many solutions were proposed to combat the spread of the disease, from imposing lockdowns to recommending social distancing in public spaces.

While other scientists raced to develop vaccines, others also developed machines for sanitizing surfaces like hand sanitizers and ultraviolet Covid 19 sanitizers. The rushed nature of the adoption of UV lights as Covid 19 sanitizers has meant that manufacturers and policymakers cannot guarantee the quality of some of the devices available in the public space. Below are some of the dangers associated with these devices.

Prolonged Exposure

Covid 19 sanitizers available 24/7User challenges are the main issue involving using UV lamps. Manufacturers rarely specify the UV light wavelength emitted, and users often use them as soon as they are unpackaged. In commercial spaces, the exposed lamps would affect more than one individual as they move about.

Pathogens must be exposed to direct UV radiation to kill them. However, experts do not recommend prolonged exposure to UV radiation. On the other hand, the UV Covid 19 sanitizers available in the market offer low doses of radiation which means that for them to be effective against the virus, users have to be exposed to them for long periods.

However, research shows that three UV wavelengths exist; UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC, which is the most effective at killing pathogens, is also the most toxic, potentially disrupting human cells’ DNA and RNA structure. It also has the potential to cause skin cancer. Commercial facility managers should therefore regulate the type of UV lamps available and educate users on how to use them properly.

Harm to Eyes

Covid-19 sanitizers available 24/7 Apart from the skin, UV Covid 19 sanitizers can also affect the eyes. Direct exposure to the eye causes photokeratitis, which causes redness and irritation in the eyes. Most users are not aware that when using UV lamps, they should not look directly at the lamp.

In commercial spaces, this effect increases as onlookers might be unaware of the danger they are exposed to and would unwillingly look at the lamp. The effect of such lamps on the workforce would mean loss of productive hours tending to one’s eyes instead of performing productive work.

Secondary danger

In order to use the lamps, workers and clients should be well versed in the dangers of using the device and how to dispose of the contents in case of accidental spillage properly. The components used in constructing the lamps are often dangerous. For example, most UV lamps use mercury and liquid metal at room temperature. In commercial spaces, those handling the lamps might not be aware of the dangers of being exposed to mercury in the course of handling the lamp.

Furthermore, despite using UV Covid-19 sanitizers, there is limited data on what duration, wavelength, and dosage would constitute a sufficient amount to kill all the viral pathogens. In general, the uncertainty of the effectiveness of UV lamps in fighting Covid, together with the known side effects, makes it one of the most underrated yet dangerous devices used to kill the virus in commercial settings.

UV lamps have witnessed much success in areas like killing food-borne bacteria and water treatment plants. It is not that these sanitizers cannot kill Covid-19 viruses; the challenge is how to employ proper research and development to ensure the appropriate application and usage of these technologies to enjoy its full benefits within commercial settings. The future of UV lamp sanitizers lies in thorough research and user education to bridge the gap between available knowledge and applications in the real world.

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