The 4 Choices Available to Commercial Sprayer Services and their Impact

Commercial sprayer services require different methods of disinfection compared to residential environmentsWhen businesses seek the Commercial Sprayer Services, they expect them to come equipped with the best technological capacity for the job. Commercial sprayer services require different methods of disinfection compared to residential environments.

The high traffic of people in commercial spaces, coupled with few periods of inactivity, means that business owners have to choose the most cost-effective and efficient means of eradicating pathogens to provide as few disruptions to workspace activities as possible. Below are four options that commercial sprayers have and their impact on the quality of work that can be performed in disinfecting business premises.

Pump Sprays/Spray Bottles

choices Available to Commercial Sprayer ServicesThe average commercial space comprises multiple offices, some spanning multiple floors. The use of spray bottles would therefore be impractical in achieving the fast levels of disinfection required of commercial sprayers. Spray bottles are mostly applicable for small-scale use; to this end, they are best used by individuals to disinfect their workstations. While cheap to acquire and easy to use, spray bottles would make the work of commercial disinfectant sprayers manual and slow.

The operators are more likely to experience fatigue from the extended time taken to disinfect surfaces and constantly having to refill the small reservoirs. Pump sprays are not recommended for use by commercial sprayers.

Ultra-Low Volume Fogging Machine

Businesses that want to resume work quickly after spraying should choose commercial sprayer services that use ULV foggers.Unlike pump sprays, fogging machines are well suited for commercial facilities. Ultra-low volume machines spray a fine mist of disinfectant over an area. The mist consists of particles not lower than 20 microns. The advantage of this particle size is that it has a settling velocity of a minimum of 43 meters per hour.

This means that in low-ceiling office spaces, ULV foggers will produce a mist that settles within minutes. Because of the fast settling time, ULV foggers are recommended to use a mild sanitizing solution. This advantage is that office spaces can easily be accessed and used within a short period. Businesses that want to resume work quickly after spraying should choose commercial sprayer services that use ULV foggers.

Thermal Foggers

Unlike ULV foggers, thermal foggers vaporize the sanitizing solution through heat. The vapor consists of small particles, some as low as 0.5 microns. The small particles have a low setting velocity, usually as slow as 8 feet every 40 hours. While remaining suspended has implications on the duration it takes to resume business operations, commercial sprayer services that use this method are best suited for situations that require more potent chemicals and locations that are not for immediate use.

However, one must also consider that the disinfectant particles remaining suspended in the air have fewer surface contact dwell times, making them less effective at fighting pathogens that have already settled on surfaces. However, both the thermal and ULV foggers have the advantage that they can reach inaccessible spaces, which is a plus for offices with hard-to-reach spaces.

Electrostatic Airless Disinfectant (EAD)

Commercial Sprayer services that use EAD enjoy all the benefits of foggers while adding other advantages. They work by expelling the disinfectant particles using low-pressure airless sprays. As the fluid exits the nozzle, it gets positively charged. The charged fluid particles then repel each other until they come into contact with grounded surfaces, which have a wrap-around effect. EAD conserves the sanitizing solution used while delivering consistent application on surfaces. However, the failure to provide grounding will reduce the wrap-around impact of the sprayed solution.

Commercial enterprise owners and managers should choose an option that best suits their needs. Generally, commercial sprayer services have the advantage that one does not have to touch the surfaces being disinfected physically. However, the speed and efficiency of the application needed will often dictate the type of technology the sprayers employ.

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