Commercial Sewer Cleaning: Living without sewers is impossible. Malfunctioning sewers can cause a lot of problems, not to mention how much damage can occur to a company’s reputation if its sewers are malfunctioning on and off. But that can be reduced by having them cleaned regularly. Thus the need for commercial sewer cleaning. It may not be the business you dreamed of, but it’s still a profitable one at the very least.

Here are 5 tips to make your commercial sewer cleaning business successful

Great experience in Commercial Sewer CleaningGet Some Experience:

Have years of experience working in this industry. Good. You would know what to do. But if you have neither experience nor knowledge? Hire employees that have years of experience in this field. You can still manage the business side, it’s just that they would be able to guide you properly about what to do and what to get.

Contact City Council:

Or local government. Doing this is helpful in a lot of ways, but the most important one is: that they would warn you about which areas you have to look out for. They will also inform you about the locations of underground pipes for water mains, electricity, communications, gas, heating, etc. that you need to avoid while working.

Get A Map:

Even if the local authorities do not inform you about the utility lines, it is your responsibility to seek out the relevant information. Scour the libraries and internet archives. Contact relevant departments to get a more detailed map of all the utility lines and memorize it thoroughly.

Commercial Sewer Cleaning advantagesGet Proper Equipment:

A simple plunger and some chemical cleaners are not going to cut it. Commercial sewer cleaning is done on, well, commercial level. Hence, you need to get the proper equipment for sewer cleaning even before you open your company. Also, don’t forget to buy pin-hole and remote-controlled drone cameras. These devices come in handy in places where the human eye can’t reach them. These cameras will work like your eyes, determining where you need to work.

Do Proper Planning:

Commercial sewer cleaning is a job that can’t be done without proper planning. Thus, you need to plan the entire process as soon as you get the job offer.

What Does Commercial Sewer Cleaning Involve?

Commercial sewer cleaning is a step-by-step process that more or less follows the same routine.

1.    Running The Diagnostics:

Before the sewer cleaning process starts, the diagnostics have to be run. Things like the cost of operation, maps of utility lines, clearing and sealing the place, inspection, planning of the cleaning, etc. This ensures that the entire process would go a lot smoother.

2.    Clearing And Cordoning Off The Area:

Sewers are hosts to many dangerous bacteria and diseases. This is why strict precautions and measures have to be taken. Accidental contamination can introduce a lot of these diseases back to the population. Thus, you would need to seal and close the entire area from any traffic to avoid accidental contamination.

cleaning machine Commercial Sewer Cleaning3.    The Cleaning Machine:

Now that everything is cleared away, the physical part of the sewer cleaning starts. The blockage from debris, dirt, or any other material is cleared away with the help of special-purpose machines. After all the cleaning is done, a drone or pinhole camera is sent to ensure that everything is cleaned.

4.    Testing The Water Flow:

After the physical cleaning process, you would need to test the water flow to ensure that everything is in working order and to tease out any other hidden problems.

5.    Final Inspection:

In the end, a final inspection is done of the sewers and the relevant parts to ensure that everything is in working order and that there are no other hidden problems.

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