Introduction of Commercial Sanitizers  

Commercial Sanitizers advantagesWhat are commercial sanitizers? They can be found in solid, liquid, or powder form, which depends on the buyers’ preferences. Primarily commercial sanitizers are readily made, which means they do not require dilution or measuring containers. Moreover, they are available in the state whereby they can be diluted by the final consumer, meaning they are kept in concentrated form.  They are various uses of commercial sanitizers amid the COVID 19 pandemic. Their common uses are to wash and rinse, especially surfaces that are prone to infection. Not only surfaces but also equipment, floors, walls can be the hub of the virus.

Application of Commercial Sanitizers

The application process is vital to note to ensure efficient use of the commercial sanitizers. Commercial sanitizers are used based on the following procedures;

Establish what needs to be cleaned

The need of Commercial SanitizersDue to the COVID 19 pandemic, there is the need to consider the type of surface to be cleaned. This is because, when more people touch a surface it is most likely exposed to the infection of the virus. These commonly touched surfaces are called high touch surfaces. There is a need to prioritize cleaning these places, which means at least twice or thrice a day. That would be appropriate to establish a clean and well-sanitized surface. There should be the application of the two procedures that are the cleaning and disinfecting, at the same time. They should simultaneously attain good results in terms of reducing the chances of the spread of the virus.

Determine the resources and equipment needed

These are the cleaning tools and equipment. There is a need to note the available cleaning products and the protective gear/equipment available to carry on the procedures, such as cleaning and disinfecting. This is to secure the cleaners from the effect of the disinfectants according to the product label.

Carry on the task

This is the implementation stage whereby; it involves cleaning the commonly touched places. The high touched places are recommended to be cleaned at least twice a day. The highly touched surfaces include pens, counters, shopping carts, stairs, buttons, desks, Keyboards, phones, toilet surfaces, sinks, handles, public vehicle seats, and faucets.

It is wise to note that staff involved in handling commercial sanitizers are well trained. This entails proper use of cleaning and Commercial Sanitizers by professionaldisinfecting equipment. It’s also appropriate to read the instructions carefully and determine the precautions listed in the containers to avoid accidents or potential losses. Moreover, it is also good to note that once one has finished cleaning and disinfecting, it is crucial to clean wash hands with soap immediately after taking off the gloves, whether visibly dirty or not. This will reduce the chances of spreading the virus after cleaning.

In summary, it is essential to note that commercial sanitizers are effective against COVID 19. Following the above procedures amid the COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in dynamic human life losses. The use of commercial sanitizers is highly recommended. Therefore, the need to establish the above procedures to reduce the infection rate and save as many lives as possible.

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