3 reasons why you should use commercial disinfecting services

Commercial Disinfectors are dedicated to disinfecting businesses. Hiring third-party services for disinfecting office spaces seems unnecessary for most people, given that they are aware of disinfecting products they use daily. However, there are several advantages that a business can derive from using a commercial disinfecting service.


Commercial Disinfectors Services 24/7 available Businesses that are solely dedicated to commercial disinfecting are usually comprised of professionals. This means that they are aware of the governmental and local agency guidelines on cleaning premises and will usually use the right gear and chemicals to carry out their tasks. The advantage of this professionalism is that commercial disinfectors are likely to disinfect all areas that regular cleaners would otherwise overlook. By following set procedures, commercial disinfectors offer more accountability for their actions and make it easier for the hiring organization to follow up on activities carried out by the disinfecting staff.

Because commercial disinfectors are dedicated to disinfecting businesses, they are more likely to invest in the latest technology, further improving the quality of services they deliver.

Saves costs

commercial disinfectors save moneyWhile one-time disinfectors can charge higher amounts, organizations can opt to subscribe to disinfecting services from one business. The advantage is that such subscriptions are often discounted, saving money for the hiring organization. At the pandemic’s peak, organizations that were allowed to operate had to disinfect their premises and prove they had done so; this was made more accessible by using certified disinfectors, which indirectly saved the organizations money by not being required to re-disinfect their premises.

Commercial disinfectors can help an organization save costs because their services often come in conjunction with regular janitorial services. The hiring organization can usually get the disinfection service regularly required to coincide with the periods for janitorial duties. During the pandemic, many cleaning services offered disinfection services as part of their packages.

Commercial disinfectants are more likely to choose the appropriate chemicals based on the surfaces and areas they are meant to disinfect; this saves the hiring organization indirect costs incurred if the inappropriate chemicals were used that affected surfaces or delayed the time taken for employees to get back to work.

If an organization uses its staff to sanitize premises, it can likely face legal ramifications if the chemicals used are harmful or if any injury occurs during the process. This burden is transferred to commercial disinfectants, especially when legal documents are signed, removing any liability that is legally acceptable from the hiring organization. The commercial disinfector is also likely to adhere to cleaning protocols reducing any chances of their staff getting hurt.

Off hours

Benefits of commercial disinfectors The other advantage of commercial disinfectors over in-house staff is that their services can and are usually scheduled for low traffic hours, usually at night. Commercial disinfectors do not directly interfere with regular business operations by working during off-hours. Working during off-hours ensures that the organization remains efficient in carrying out its core duties. By the time the employees arrive in the morning, the harmful effects of any chemicals will have been significantly reduced.

In conclusion, an organization that hires third-party disinfectors has more to gain from the partnership. They hire professionals who adhere to EPA guidelines for appropriate disinfectants to use. The services can often be integrated with regular janitorial duties, and there are fewer chances of making mistakes, saving costs for both the hiring and hired organization. Professional disinfectants are also less likely to interfere with regular business operations as they can work during off-hours, thereby not interfering with the core business of the hiring organization. Therefore, companies are encouraged to hire professional disinfectors instead of using an in-house or unqualified workforce to perform the tasks.

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