Changing seasons and cooler weather mean that the holidays are right around the corner, and the basketball season is cranking up. What it means for Alpha Energy Solutions customers is something else entirely. Facility managers must go from keeping their buildings cool to make sure that interior temperatures don’t become chilly.


It’s a good time to check all of your equipment — whether it’s a boiler, chiller, outdoor unit — to make sure it’s ready for the winter. That means changing filters on your units, checking liquid levels, and performing tests.

“Building managers don’t want surprises anytime, but especially in the wintertime. We recommend a full-service preventative maintenance plan for most of our customers,” said Gerry Lewis, Director of Sales. “This agreement can cover everything from boilers and chillers to plumbing and electrical systems. We often spot problems before they become issues for the building. And it gives our customers peace of mind, sort of like an insurance policy.”

Alpha Energy Solutions offers its customers comprehensive preventative maintenance plans designed to prevent major outages with building systems. And if something does go wrong, Alpha has a full fleet of rental equipment that can be installed quickly to reduce or eliminate downtime.