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As the need for preventative measures continues to be emphasized, facility owners continue to be faced with the question of how Commercial spray service has come to offer the best and most reliable protectionthey can effectively protect their visitors, tenants, and staff. Commercial spray service has come to offer the best and most reliable protection against coronavirus. The commonly offered service is electrostatic spray disinfecting, which is spraying electrically charged mist on equipment and surface.

After it has been sprayed, the mist containing the disinfectant begins its work. The disinfectant takes one to five minutes to kill viruses and other pathogens, relying on the disinfectant utilized. This method effectively kills about 99.9% of germs, and there is no risk of cross-contamination since its application avoids all contact.

Benefits of commercial spray service

One of the benefits of commercial spray service is it covers the entire surface, ensuring disinfection of all areas. The application commercial spray servicemethod ensures that the mist falls in areas that other disinfecting methods wouldn’t reach. The electrically charged mist falls on all surfaces, captures all the virus particles, and eradicates them.

Coronavirus contains microscopic particles that may remain in the air invisibly for a long time. However, sometimes they settle in the least common area. Regular cleaning services may ignore those areas leading to exposure to viruses and disease-causing pathogens. However, that is not the case with commercial spray services.

Commercial spray services offer a safe and consistent application

Commercial spray services offer a safe and consistent application that does not destroy the facility’s papers, surfaces, or equipment and kills the viruses and germs quickly, leaving no residue. It would be a nightmare for any facility to involve disinfecting services only to discover their documents or equipment has been tampered with intentionally or not intentionally. Commercial spray services are offered to utilize solutions that do not damage anything.

More to it, your facility will not spend a lot of time waiting for the mist to dry off. Therefore, this method of disinfecting is also time conscious. Also, the mist dries off completely, leaving no residue, and thus, there is no need for drying off later.

Solutions will not trigger other diseases

Commercial spray service companies use disinfectants approved by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The benefit of this is that one, the solutions will not trigger other diseases such as allergies once applied, two there is no risk of contamination posed to the employees and customers; three, the disinfectants are not corrosive.

Commercial spray service companies use disinfectants approvedThey, therefore, may be applied on phones, keyboards, copiers, and all other electronic areas with no worry or damage. Although it is not all commercial disinfecting services that utilize electrostatic spray disinfecting, it is most efficient in the fight against COVID-19.

Commercial disinfecting services are crucial in any workplace to ensure a healthy workplace or facility. All facility owners should seriously consider engaging these services regularly since the spread of coronavirus is very prudent. They should also remember that it takes only a single person exposed to the virus to spread coronavirus to other people in the facility.

This would not be so good for a facility as it may get shut down. For that reason, the owner must be vigilant in involving regular commercial spray services to protect their facility against the asymptomatic and active coronavirus.

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