There has been an increased usage of Louisville KY coronavirus sanitizers in the form of portable hand sanitizers due to their increased capability to fight the COVID-19 virus. The sanitizer kills disease-causing germs from hands and surfaces that one is regularly in contact with, reducing the spread of the transmissible COVID-19.

Hand sanitizers are very helpful in keeping persons safe, but they pose a risk of side effects when wrongly used. However, the side effects depend on the formula one is using. The hand sanitizers contain a high concentration of alcohol, 60 to 95 percent, and other antiseptic products whose sole purpose is to kill germs and pathogens but may irritate the skin. Some of the side effects are discussed below;

Louisville KY Coronavirus Sanitizers dried-out skin

The different types of Louisville KY Coronavirus Sanitizers The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) recommended using Louisville KY coronavirus sanitizers that are alcohol-based because alcohol is a well-known antiseptic and kills germs and viruses. However, alcohol is also known for having a drying effect on the skin. For a hand sanitizer to effectively protect you from the virus, you need to apply it severally a day.

The continued application of the sanitizer damages your skin by taking moisture out of it. This further results in hyper-sensitive skin, which has been more prone to germs and infections.

Dizziness, headache, and nausea

Many people have complained of experiencing dizziness, headache, and nausea after using the Louisville KY coronavirus sanitizers. According to FDA, these persons experience side effects after accidentally being exposed to hand sanitizers vapor. In most cases, that is a result of using the product from poorly ventilated rooms.

Can cause eczema breakout with Louisville KY Coronavirus Sanitizers

This may happen after the hand sanitizers dry off your hands. The hands become more sensitive, itch and discoloration may take place. These are discolored eczema patches that appear on your skin. If you had eczema, the chemicals present in the sanitizer make the symptoms more profound. Whichever type of sanitizer you use, whether gel, foam, or liquid, may increase the eczema symptoms on your skin.

Louisville KY Coronavirus Sanitizers not a poisonLouisville KY Coronavirus Sanitizers can have Alcohol poisoning

Hand sanitizers contain a high percentage of alcohol and are harmful to your health if swallowed. According to FDA, there have been cases of children ingesting mouthfuls of Louisville KY coronavirus sanitizers after confusing them with other drinks.

These cases were reported to have symptoms similar to those of alcohol poisoning. There is a medical warning against the ingestion of the sanitizer, warning that it is for external use only.

May lead to temporary blindness or loss of vision.

The hand sanitizer is supposed to be kept away from the eyes. However, it may be effortless to touch your eyes after the application of hand sanitizers.

On the other hand, hand sanitizers contain very high levels of alcohol, which may cause chemical burns in the eye’s outer layer when it comes in contact with the eye. Nevertheless, any damage caused to your eyes by hand sanitizers is supposed to heal, except that you will have uncomfortable encounters such as temporarily blurred vision, redness, and pain.

Alcohol based Louisville KY Coronavirus Sanitizers is better to useConclusion

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is no way one may escape the use of hand sanitizers. Therefore, it is wise for the users to know how to use it without abuse. This article discusses the side effects of sanitizers when wrongly used. To use the sanitizers safely, one should apply a small dime and rub palms together until it disappears. After the palms are dry, apply a moisturizer to avoid dryness.

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