The Parts Department at Alpha Energy Solutions has a vital role in the overall success of the operation. That’s because most of the work done by Alpha, no matter what department, requires on-time delivery of parts that are right for the job and priced correctly.

Dennis Stengel and Tracey Hayes will find any part, anywhere, as part of their customer service commitment.

Tracey Hayes and Dennis Stengel oversee the loading dock at Alpha, where millions of dollars worth of equipment are shipped in and out every week. But that’s just a small percentage of the orders they process, as a majority of the parts they order are drop-shipped to locations throughout Alpha’s eight-state coverage area.

“It’s reassuring to be able to tell our customers that if there’s a part they need, anything from a screw to a full rooftop HVAC unit, our Parts department can find it and get it shipped,” said Gerry Lewis, Alpha’s Director of Sales. “Our customers know that we can get the job done 24/7.”

Like every Alpha department, the Parts operation is not a 9-5 operation, and getting something delivered to the right place at the right time sometimes requires extraordinary effort.

Recently, a request came in a 2 p.m. on a weekday for a massive amount of refrigerant (7,000 lbs.) to be delivered the next day to a plant in Indiana. Hayes said that it took several phone calls to vendors throughout the U.S. to find a supplier who could take the order, promise next-day delivery, and complete shipment.

Alpha found a willing supplier several states away — and the result was a happy customer.

Hayes and Stengle know parts — and know-how to get them, whether it’s for an existing service customer on an Alpha job or for other customers who rely on Alpha to get them the parts needed.

The Alpha Parts department can be located and order any parts, including major manufacturers such as York, and Carrier. This includes hard-to-find parts, boilers, rooftop units, PTACs, screw compressors, and many more.

Tracy and Dennis have decades of experience and are always available.