There are many benefits for Alpha Mechanical Service in having a clean and strong safety record.  Most importantly, it gives customers peace of mind knowing the proper procedures are being followed and no surprises on job sites.

Cecil Sowers, Alpha’s safety director, coordinates training for all Alpha technicians, who put in thousands of hours to keep the company in compliance with OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA requirements.  There are many hours of specialized training for Alpha technicians, including Confined Space, Arc Flash, and Fall Protection.

The result, Sowers says, is that Alpha has earned a 0.69 EMR (Experience Modification Rating). That’s among the best in the industry, Sowers says.

“That’s an important number for keeping and maintaining good insurance rates and for giving our customers confidence that proper safety procedures will be followed on the job,” said Sowers, who’s been with Alpha for two years. “That number is calculated to consider lost-time accidents, and we’ve had very few of those.”

Sowers sends all Alpha staff members a weekly “Toolbox Talk” email reminder about an aspect of safety. A recent one explained details about working in confined spaces. This type of constant reminder about safety helps keep those topics at the forefront of Alpha’s work.