Even though Alpha Mechanical’s operation in Nashville is brand-new, the team assembled to operate in Central Tennessee has more than 60 years of experience in the industry.

George Garcia (left) and John Sechler are expanding Alpha’s operations into Tennessee.

John Sechler, who opened the new operation in June, is a third-generation HVAC industry professional working since 1986. He spent nearly two decades at Siemens. Sechler has experience in all aspects of HVAC work and is an instructor at the Local 572 Training Center. Also on the Nashville operations team is Scott Howard, a 20-year industry pro who was most recently at Johnson Controls. Tony Thomas, who has 25 years’ experience, will serve customers through Central Tennessee, from Nashville to Knoxville.

Of course, Alpha also has a strong presence in the Knoxville market, headed up by George Garcia.

“I am confident that Alpha Mechanical is going to make an immediate impact on the market in Tennessee,” Sechler said. “We’ve already gotten involved in work for medical facilities, government, an ice rink, and hotel. We’ve got an experienced group, and I think we will grow quickly.”

Alpha Mechanical is headquartered in Louisville and is the region’s largest service provider. It has operations in eight states, providing service in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. As an energy services provider and consultant, the company’s Alpha Energy Solutions division helps customers maximize their energy spending.

Scott Howard of Alpha’s Nashville operation checks chiller design specs at a job site