One of Alpha Energy Solutions’ regional business model strengths are incorporating successful strategies across a wide swath of geography and many different disciplines.

Alpha’s management team must share information from the field and new technology and updated business concepts. That’s why Alpha managers are meeting this week at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville.

About two dozen Alpha managers gather to go over everything from relationships with manufacturers and vendors to sales strategy during the two-day meeting. As a result, Alpha’s team of technicians, now covering eight states, has a clear vision of the Alpha way of doing business.

“This meeting is a real benefit with tangible results,” said Gerry Lewis, Alpha’s Director of Sales. “Our Louisville headquarters staff can hear about the challenges in the field, and our managers get a valuable face-to-face meeting with people they talk with on the phone every day.”

Among the topics covered in the meeting are equipment offerings, safety, parts, dispatch, billing, and warranties.  The group also discusses key clients that Alpha services throughout its coverage area. A few vendors are allowed to showcase new products.

“I think the meeting allows our people to spend time with our colleagues throughout Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Tennessee,” Lewis said.  “When you are a rapidly growing business, it’s vital to communicate our vision throughout the organization.”