Alpha Energy Solutions is testing a new product for use in un-conditioned warehouse space to help its customers save on energy costs. The Air Pear product is a Destratification Fan that balances temperatures from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, reducing the need for air-conditioning and heating.

“This looks like a product that could really help our customers, especially in situations where there is a large space that is not mechanically-conditioned,” said Dave Hellman, Alpha Energy Solutions’ Director of Energy and Performance.

“We installed the Air Pear product in a little-used warehouse here in town, and we will monitor the energy use during the summer to see how well it reduces energy consumption,” Hellman said. “If it works as it’s supposed to, we’ll offer it to our customers as another innovative way to save energy.”

Many Alpha customers have vast warehouse space in which the air is not mechanically conditioned or have spaces that aren’t occupied full-time. Especially in hot weather, those spaces can get really uncomfortable.

The Air Pear fans, made by Colorado-based Airius, are designed to reduce heating costs by up to 35 percent and reduce HVAC units’ energy consumption. According to the company’s web site, “The combination of housing shape, patented stator, and energy-efficient motors is what makes Airius fans unique in delivering air over long distances using minimal power.”