Alcohol-based Covid-19 Sanitizers: Sanitizers have been in the market for a long time, and people use them to kill germs and bacteria. However, the covid-19 outbreak has increased the demand for Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizers. First, people were advised to wash their hands regularly using warm water and soap and wash thoroughly for 20 seconds.

2 major types of Alcohol-based Covid-19 Sanitizers

Alcohol-based Covid-19 Sanitizers have an great resultHowever, in the absence of water and soap, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asked people to use Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizers. This directive was further followed by educating people and facility owners on suitable sanitizers in their facilities. This article will explore the two major types of Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizers and their preparation methods that make them legible in the fight against disease-causing pathogens.

Alcohol-based Covid-19 sanitizers exist in two types; those that do not contain alcohol and those containing alcohol and additives to enable them to fight against germs, bacteria, and viruses. The best sanitizer to fight against coronavirus is those containing alcohol because of the action of alcohol against the virus. As a facility owner, therefore, you should focus on checking the label of the sanitizers before purchasing.

Many businesses have gone back to normal worldwide and are no longer obeying the other preventative measures, such as wearing masks, keeping social distance, and lockdown. The covid-19 virus has, however, not ended completely, and the risk is still with us. Facility owners thus should continue regular routines to sanitize their facilities using Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizers.

Methods of Preparation

Alcohol-based Covid-19 Sanitizers is cheap in pricing

Method of adding directly- this is a method where all ingredients in which all needed ingredients are added simultaneously and mixed minus the thickening agent. After the ingredients have been well mixed in the suitable composition and proportion, the thickening agent is added. After this process, there are cases where a neutralizing agent is added to maintain the PH of the sanitizer. This is to make sure that the PH remains neutral. Some modifications may be made before the covid-19 sanitizer is released to the market. Still, it all depends on the ingredients used and whether the thickening agent is compatible with the agent used for neutralizing.

The inversion method- in this method, the thickening agent is usually soaked before the process begins, and then all the covid-19 sanitizer ingredients are added. This method goes in reverse of the above-discussed method. However, the neutralizing agent is still added to maintain the PH of the sanitizer as in the method above. This method is advantageous and suitable for the production of Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizers on a small scale.

Alcohol-based Covid-19 Sanitizers is powerful sanitizersThere are methods used for a preparation known as ‘hot/cold,’ which are favorable for preparing sanitizers that are highly viscous and may form lumps. However, these methods are not very good for use in components containing ethanol. Volatile ingredients and ethanol may be added to a gel prepared through the hot method during the cooling down process of the method. The above methods may be used simultaneously, especially in avoiding some disadvantages such as caking.

As facility owners, this information concerning the preparation of Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizers is helpful since the demand for the sanitizers went high, thus leading to escalated prices of the sanitizers. On the same note, sanitizing facilities is not optional as traditionally used methods of cleaning are no longer right in protecting against viral disease. The particles containing the virus may survive on a surface for about ten days, so the surface needs more sanitizing to counter the virus. Now, for the rising demand, this information may help facility owners make their Alcohol-based covid-19 sanitizes in the right way. They need to remember that the best sanitizers to use are alcohol-based, eliminating 100 percent of viruses and other disease-causing pathogens.

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