Advanced Visitor Management: To get an idea of how congested and active the streets are at all hours in major cities throughout the world, think about Atlanta. Visitors may walk right up to your office’s door, which is always open and unguarded from the street level.

Advanced Visitor Management system with high securityIn your workplace, would you be able to sit down with strangers whenever you wanted? What time of day or night do you typically feel the most secure? When you’re always staring at the door, how much time would it take you to get anything done?

There appears to be an increase in the number of episodes of violence in the workplace and in schools every week. Companies of all sizes and industries are incorporating Advanced visitor management systems into their security strategy to protect their employees and assets as the need for workplace security develops.

Visitors to your institution may be tracked down and given an ID card with the help of a visitor control system. Because of the tighter security, productivity among employees has increased.

In order to keep track of who is visiting their facilities, organizations of all sizes and sectors may make use of an advanced visitor management system that is both economical and simple to use.

To put Advanced visitor management in place

  1. Select a system for managing visits.

Individual visitor ID cards and a log of facility visits are key components of whatever system you pick. Your options are not limited by the number of visitors you have, since refills are available in most Advanced visitor management systems.

  1. Advanced Visitor Management system in LouisvilleINSTALL ACCESS MANAGEMENT.

The number of public entrances into your building might be restricted in order to better control who gets in and out. Close all other doors before announcing your public opening. Visitors must utilize the public entrance, which is controlled by HID proximity cards, to enter the site.


Ideally, the visitor log-in system should be located in the main lobby or near the guest parking. The “gatekeeper,” the person in charge of the visitor control system at the entrance, should be selected. Security guards and receptionists are two options for checking in visitors and providing visitor ID cards.

  1. Ensure that your employees are well-trained.

Inform your employees that you are taking safety precautions by installing a visitor control system. Employees need to be taught how to use the system in order to fully understand it. Ensure that visitors are made aware of the new procedure in advance so that the transition runs as smoothly as possible.


Signage at the gates of your facility should advise visitors of your new policy on visitation management. By way of signs, visitors should be guided to a reception area. Pre-printed visitor cards may be used to generate a more permanent visitor ID card if you have a large number of regular visitors.

  1. Advanced Visitor Management benefitsCOMMAND VISITORS TO CHECK OUT THE BUILDING.

Using an advanced visitor management system, you’ll be able to see when customers arrive and depart your business. Request that visitors come back to the reception area when their stay is over so that they may check out and give in their visitor card. As part of your policy, this strategy will provide you with a comprehensive picture of who is on the premises at any one time.


Guest management policies may need more strict security measures depending on the nature of the organization. Signing in with your “gatekeeper” requires visitors to provide identification, which should be checked. Visitors may also have to be escorted inside the building by a member of staff. Verify that everyone in the building is present and accounted for, is an excellent way to go about it


You must have an Advanced visitor management policy in place to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Advanced Visitor management functions as a gatekeeper for your institution and guests, safeguarding your assets and enhancing everyone’s sense of security.

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