3 Important Things to Know about Louisville Needle Point ionization

What is Louisville needlepoint bi-polar ionization?

Louisville Needle Point ionization is a commercially accessible technology that creates ions capable of trapping gaseous and fine particle pollutants in the air, including VOCs and smells. A tube with two electrodes generates negative and positive ions, which combine with oxygen and water vapor in the air to form free radicals. Free radicals can destroy bacteria and deodorize the air.

Important thing know about Louisville Needle Point ionizationNumerous local, state, and federal government and health authorities are scrambling to establish laws that will allow this procedure to be accomplished with the least potential danger to your health as many places begin the reopening process after the Covid-19 health catastrophe.

Concerns about airborne infections in the air conditioning and ventilation systems of indoor places such as restaurants, bars; libraries; shopping malls; and theaters have been raised since the reopening of these establishments during the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. Because of Louisville needle point ionization, air conditioners and ventilation systems may create and circulate cleaner air.

How Does Louisville Needle Point Ionization Technology Work?

It is possible to use Louisville Needle Point ionization devices in a variety of ways. Electrostatically charged (or ionized) air molecules are divided into positive and negative particles, causing them to seek and latch onto another particle to re-establish equilibrium and restore balance.

The bipolar air ionizer, in essence, sprays the air with tremendous energy and breaks it apart. Two harmful oxygen and one positive hydrogen are two examples of water vapor molecules you could discover. A neutralized ion is formed when it divides and tries to rejoin. Pathogen molecules may deplete their hydrogens by the radical, which may be attracted to a particle that converts it into OH.

As a result, the new molecule sinks (or is grounded) into the air purifier after this process is complete. Ionizer air purifiers may eliminate virus particles from the air in this manner.

ESD ionizers or balanced ion generators may also neutralize static and eliminate hazardous particles from the air. The electrostatic discharge approach is used by ionic air purifiers, which may have or not have a fan. The air purifier uses electrostatic attraction to charge the particles in this technique. As a result, they are grounded and removed from the air supply by a neighboring conductor.

Do Ionizer Air Purifiers remove the COVID-19 Virus?

How Does Louisville Needle Point Ionization Technology Work?Particulate matter may be removed from the air using negatively charged air ions. During study into other devices that create ions (such as air conditioning systems), it was discovered that this equipment also produced ions and inactivated viruses, including influenza.

During the SARS pandemic, there was an increase in the use of harmful ion-generating devices. Negative ion generators may be found in everyday items like toothbrushes and refrigerators, and people were pushed to purchase them. Manufacturers of air purifiers claim that ionization may diminish the SARS-2-CoV virus, which produces COVID-19, in the air. According to the EPA, this procedure hasn’t been demonstrated or found to be a viable way to remove the SARS-2-CoV from the environment.

Louisville Needle Point ionization is still considered a novel technology by the EPA. For air purification, it is frequently suggested to only consider technologies that have undergone substantial clinical third-party, FDA-compliant, and real-world testing.

Ozone is reported to be created using Louisville Needle Point ionization technology, and in interior environments, the ozone may be harmful to health. Formaldehyde levels may rise as a result of ozone interacting with other air pollutants.

Is an Air Purifier with a Bipolar Ionizer Worth the Investment?

Louisville Needle Point ionization may not be an ideal option for reducing exposure to mold sporesAs a preventative measure against the transmission of infectious diseases via the air, several medical institutions, restaurants, and fitness centers have already placed portable air purifiers in their establishments. The problem is that these establishments might frequently adopt air purification systems that are not appropriate for their locations or utilize untested electronic air cleaning technology without proper training.

Louisville Needle Point ionization may not be an ideal option for reducing exposure to mold spores, viruses, bacteria, VOCs, and other common airborne pollutants in a wide variety of sectors. Bipolar ionization is not the best option for most facilities because of the limits of the technology, the high cost, the lack of confirmed testing, and the possibility of the creation of ozone.

According to both industry professionals and public health agencies, HEPA Filtration is the most highly recommended air filtration technique. Air purifiers with HEPA filters may give a wide variety of advantages because of the decades of testing and usage that HEPA has undergone. Air purifiers are Sanalife’s top recommendation for every situation, whether to increase air movement or reduce common airborne diseases.

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