10 Important Louisville HVAC Parts: The HVAC system doesn’t only comprise an air conditioner and heating system. It is a complex system that integrates many different components as well as subsystems to keep the operation running. If one component stops working, the whole system will stop. Commercial and industrial HVAC systems are different than residential systems, as they are much more complex and need the cooperation of all the integrated Louisville HVAC parts to function correctly.

Here are the essential Louisville HVAC parts in commercial/ industrial HVAC systems

Essential Louisville HVAC parts1. Thermostat Louisville HVAC Parts

A thermostat is a temperature regulating device that determines how much cooling and heating the building needs. There are many types of thermostats available in the market, but out of all of them, the most memorable one is the programmable thermostat. With the help of this, you can regulate when the heating and cooling need to increase or decrease, which can help with decreasing needless energy consumption.

2. Air Conditioner Louisville HVAC Parts

Air conditioners are not the only Louisville HVAC part responsible for providing cooling. Instead, it works together with other systems to cool down the building. As an individual component, the air conditioner is supposed to remove the heat from the interior of the building and dehumidify it. Even though the basic working principle is similar to residential systems, the types are different. In other words, commercial and industrial HVACS typically use a central air conditioning system.

3. Compressor Louisville HVAC Parts

It won’t be wrong to say that compressors are the heart of Louisville HVAC systems. It is supposed to circulate the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coil. Additionally, it is also responsible for changing the state of refrigerant according to the need. For example, the substance is in gas form when compressed to raise the temperature. This hot refrigerant is then passed to the condenser, where the cooling process starts in earnest.

Condenser Louisville HVAC Parts4. Condenser Louisville HVAC Parts

A condenser or heat exchanger is responsible for heat removal from the interior to the exterior. It is the hot counterpart of the air conditioner and turns the refrigerant from gas to liquid. It can also achieve the opposite: collecting heat from the outside in a heat pump.

5. Thermal Expansion Valve Louisville HVAC Parts

Being an essential part of the air conditioning process, the thermal expansion valve lowers the pressure on the liquid refrigerant, allowing it to expand. As a result, the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas then transferred to evaporator coils. It is inside the air handler or at the front part of evaporator coils.

6. Air Handler Louisville HVAC Parts

The air handler contains both evaporator coils and a blower. It also contains subcomponents, including chambers, dampers, sound attenuators, racks, cooling, and heating elements.

Out of all of them, evaporator coils need the most care. On the other hand, the blower is responsible for blowing the cold or hot air into the vents.

7. Terminal Units:

Terminal units house air filters, coils, and blower. They come in different sizes and are located near the duct return or ceiling walls.

8. Chiller:

As commercial and industrial Louisville HVAC systems are more extensive, they can use the chillers to bring down the temperature of the water running through the whole building. The chiller can either be air or water-cooled, depending on the application.

Furnace is the most critical Louisville HVAC part 9. Furnace:

The furnace is the most critical Louisville HVAC part of the heating system. It works opposite the cooling system, responsible for providing heat. First, the thermostat signals the furnace. This results in the burner being ignited by a recently opened gas valve to produce heat, then distributed by a blower.

10. Duct Work + Ventilation System:

The ducts and vents circulate the air to and from different building parts; they are also linked together with other systems. This results in a cohesive unit, where every individual is working to achieve a collective goal.

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