Electrical Division

Infrared Technology Among Alpha Energy’s Electrical Upgrades

Some say that Infrared Scanning (or Thermographic Scanning) is the single most powerful technology tool in an electrician’s arsenal in the electrical industry.  It can detect hot spots or abnormal eating patterns that can lead to costly energy losses. Alpha Energy Solutions’ electrical department, led by foreman Jim Jones, uses Infrared to prevent defects that can lead to equipment failure, personal injury, or unscheduled power outages. From Wikipedia: Thermal imaging cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic…

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Alpha Energy’s Electrical Division Set to Thrive Under Jones’ Leadership

Jim Jones, Alpha Energy Solutions’ new Electrical Estimator/Foreman, started working in the industry after graduating from St. Xavier High School. With three decades of electrical experience, Jones hopes to help the division grow and expand quickly. “We want to separate ourselves from our competitors. It’s not just about lights and plugs that everybody else does, but we want to be more technologically advanced,” he said. Jones specializes in power quality and energy solutions. Before joining Alpha Energy Solutions in February,…

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