What makes Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization an effective indoor air cleaning method?

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

What makes Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization an effective indoor air cleaning method?

When we speak of air purification in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, your indoor air quality is at stake.  Airstream cleaning is one way of reducing infection chances in indoor spaces. As a building owner or a business owner, taking care of your employees and people within your premises can be overwhelming, but Needlepoint Bipolar ionization can be of great help. HVAC professionals such as Alpha Energy Solutions continue to offer you technology solutions that you can use to…

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Commercial sewer cleaning

What is the Commercial Sewer Cleaning process, and how do you identify the need?

Commercial sewer lines often take or carry all the wrong substances, ranging from plastics, debris, grease, among others. Given this heavy burden, commercial sewers are prone to damage while we may not realize.  Unfortunately, the longer a commercial sewer goes without cleaning, the worse it gets.  As one of the best consultants in sewer services, Alpha Energy Solutions offers you the best tools and services when it comes to sewer cleaning. Commercial sewer cleaning allows you to clean and keep…

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Industrial Sewer

What are the necessary steps involved in Industrial Sewer Cleaning?

The unpleasant sight and smell that originates from an overflow of clogged and blocked sewer lines call for an industrial sewer cleaning. It is undoubtedly common to have experienced materials build up and get stuck in your washroom pipes and the main sewer line. Sewer cleaning is the best and most effective way to thoroughly clean sewer pipes. It is, therefore, crucial to maintaining sewer cleaning through Alpha Energy Solutions to ensure a long lifespan of clean sewer pipes. As…

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Air Conditioning Rental

What are the benefits of Air Conditioning Rental?

Today, you can apply and rent a brand-new air conditioner from Alpha Energy Solutions with no deposits, no upfront charges, or delivery fees! However, there are things you should learn about renting an air conditioner before opting to commit or renting one. Below, we take you through some of the factors to consider for air conditioning rental and the benefits that come with renting a portable air conditioner from Alpha Energy Solutions. You give yourself many inconveniences and responsibilities when…

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Boiler Service

What are signs that you need Boiler Service?

Servicing your boiler is among the most overlooked things in our homes, and we rarely give it a priority. As long as you get to the shower and your water is heated, you don’t stop to think if that boiler needs service. It is until winter, when we need more heat and heated water, that we need the boiler as much as possible. For proper functioning and a long lifespan, your boiler should get serviced at least annually. At Alpha…

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Boiler Repair

How do you determine its time for your Boiler Repair?

A boiler is used to circulate heat and heat water in your home. The boiler parts are prone to wear and tear and will require repairs once in a while; thus, fix it before breakdown! All your boiler repair needs will be completed by experts onsite at your facility from Alpha Energy Solutions. As prices in gas continue to rise, this calls for your boiler’s proper maintenance; otherwise, you will suffer high fuel costs. Boiler repair is necessary than you…

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Commercial Sanitizer

What steps are followed before suing a Commercial Sanitizer?

As a commercial building owner or anyone in a commercial establishment, today know how critical it’s to take appropriate measures to protect oneself and loved ones against the threat of harmful bacteria and viruses. Whether you need to clean surfaces, your floor sanitized, disinfect your furniture or dishes; Alpha Energy Solutions offers you a commercial sanitizer you need to keep your home and business sanitized. Our commercial sanitizer will keep dishes and surfaces clean and safe and prevent the spread…

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What are the main advantages of using Antiviral Sanitizer?

Anyone will agree that the viral pandemic, which started in early 2020, has caused several deaths and crippled the global economy. Viruses play a significant role in respiratory illnesses, and viral transmissions occur through close human contact or by touching contaminated surfaces, as in Covid-19. Antiviral sanitizers are used for careful sanitization and disinfection of human skin and surfaces and address the unmet needs by offering innovative and highly effective sanitizing solutions to prevent viruses. A lack of effective antiviral…

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Industrial Sanitizer

What are critical aspects to consider before using Industrial Sanitizer for best results?

Hygiene is a vital factor in many organizations and businesses; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a commercial or private organization. The health care facility or catering business requires the most industrial sanitizer as it plays a big role in maintaining your business’s hygiene, safety, and protection. Industrial sanitizer keeps germs at bay. Like commercial sanitizer, all serve the same purpose: to eliminate about 99% of bacteria and viruses from your skin, objects, and surfaces. Alpha Energy Solutions offers you a…

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Commercial Spray Service

What are common places for using Commercial Spray Service, and what are the benefits?

The ongoing global pandemic has prompted unique demands for surface sanitization and disinfection in commercial spaces. Alpha Energy Solutions will perform a commercial spray service in your entire building, using disinfectants to your identified surfaces or common touchpoints. Commercial spray services are ideal for commercial establishments such as airports, banks, train stations, grocery stores, and retail spaces. This system is applied via a spraying solution to contact surfaces of your choice. Commercial spray services from Alpha Energy Solutions meet the…

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