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Alpha Mechanical Installs Unique Solution at Data Center

Data centers present some unusual challenges to engineers. The buildings that house servers and data storage equipment generate a lot of heat.  To function properly, they must be housed in an extra cool environment. Indoor temperatures must be maintained between 66 and 74 degrees. Alpha Mechanical teamed with the data company’s engineers and created a design featuring two 105-ton cooling units placed on a concrete pad behind the company’s local headquarters. The units are redundant in that one runs for…

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Self-Performance Key for Refrigeration Service

In thousands of locations in which Alpha Mechanical Service takes care of refrigerated units, any downtime can be catastrophic. So Alpha Mechanical makes sure its customers are covered by having trained technicians available. Many of Alpha’s customers, including chains of grocery stores, general retailers and restaurants, must keep food at a consistent temperature. Most businesses depend on keeping their refrigerated units operating 24/7, so they depend on Alpha’s Refrigeration Service to keep their units running. Alpha services walk-in coolers and freezers,…

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Home Heating and Air Conditioning System Spring Maintenance

To keep your home comfort system operating properly, it is important to perform seasonal maintenance. Below is an excellent Spring HVAC maintenance checklist with tips on how to best maintain your HVAC system and reduce energy costs in your home all year around. HVAC System Maintenance Trim bushes and shrubs around outdoor units to allow at least two feet of clearance around. Remove leaves and debris from inside the unit’s top grille. Replace your central air conditioner, furnace and/or heat…

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