It’s no wonder Marshall Jaggers is Alpha Mechanical Service’s go-to man for a growing fleet of cars and trucks.

Jaggers has been working on cars since he was 16 and played every imaginable role in auto racing, including driving them himself and setting up cars for Ben Rhodes and his own family members.  He’s even been a commentator on racing broadcasts.

Jaggers is a perfectionist when it comes to the look of the Alpha logo.

But Jaggers’ main job as a fleet manager at Alpha is growing responsibility. With about 200 vehicles in the fleet and nine satellite office locations, Jaggers makes sure the Alpha logo is displayed properly on all vehicles and in signage anywhere Alpha Mechanical’s technicians are operating.

He says eight different vehicle types, from service vans to the cars driven by sales staff. Each one must be set up for its particular use, whether for technicians who are electricians, plumbers, or HVAC repair specialists.

Jaggers has been with Alpha since 2004 and remembers the first list of company vehicles he put together. “I remember taking over and telling Joe (Rhodes) that I couldn’t believe we had 39 vehicles on the list, and that seemed like a lot. This year, we’ve already bought 18 new ones.”

One of the biggest challenges he faced was changing all the decals in 2010 when the company officially changed its name from A&A to Alpha Mechanical Service. Jaggers had a two-year window to change every decal on every vehicle, plus every sign at every office location.

“We lined up 14 trucks a weekend starting in January 2010 and got them all done in a year. For some, we had to go to the satellite locations to do the work,” he said.

When Jaggers orders a new vehicle, he takes care of lettering, tooling, insurance, maintenance, and any special requests.

Alpha has trucks across the region, with locations in Dunbar, WV; Nicholasville, KY; the Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY; Gallatin Steel in Ghent, KY; the Domtar plant in Hallsville, KY: SABIC in Mt. Vernon, IN; plus Evansville, IN; Calvert City, KY, and Knoxville and Nashville in Tennessee.