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Can Global plasma solutions help Fight Covid-19?

Global plasma solutions

Global plasma solutions is a modern technology approach used for indoor air freshening via bipolar ionization. The technology is applied to clean the air particles and enhance air quality, consequently destroying harmful microorganisms by exploiting the bipolar ionization in the HVAC systems. The harmful microorganisms present in the air are responsible for causing most respiratory ailments, and the diseases are readily spread through contact with an infected surface or saliva droplets from an infected person. Global plasma solutions can thus be effectively applied to counter air-borne diseases and viruses by destroying the disease-causing microorganisms.

Global plasma solutions and Pathogens’ Destruction

The Global plasma solutions technology cleaning process entails a bipolar ionization process in which the pathogens and ions attract and converge. The next step in the process entails ions fusing on the virus or bacteria’s surface and capturing a hydrogen bond in the process. Typically, the process leaves the bacterium or virus without its hydrogen. The pathogens become non-viable and inactive because they cannot live without a hydrogen bond. The procedure thus ends with the destruction of disease-causing microorganisms, lowering people’s susceptibility to contracting various ailments.

How Global plasma solutions Counter Covid-19 remains a big question in this context. Firstly the most important thing to note is that Covid-19 spreads through contact with droplets of saliva if an infected person, which is released in the air through coughing and sneezing. For this reason, it is clear that pathogens causing Covid-19 hang around as tiny particles, which strike when a person breathes in the contaminated air. For that reason, air cleansing appears to be a more appropriate strategy to clear these pathogens and avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Large corporations, commercial and public places can utilize Global plasma solutions technology to destroy the pathogens causing Covid-19 and protect the public from infections. This is because by refreshing the air and altering the functions of pathogens, the microorganisms resting in the air will be rendered inactive, losing their ability to cause Covid-19 infections. In this light, Global plasma solutions can come in handy in destroying the chances of more spreading of the virus, despite there being pathogens of the virus in the air. There is minimal research on the exact level of impact of Global plasma technology is killing Covid-19 viruses, but the history of pathogen destruction by the technology logically suggests optimistic results.

In conclusion, the Global plasma solutions technology can be of great help amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic. People ought to exploit the benefits of the Global plasma system to ensure that the air around them is clean and pure, freshened by HVAC systems. Beneficiaries can range from individuals at homes, employees at work, patients and practitioners in hospital settings, and even learners at school. Consequently, the Global plasma solutions can be applied to destroy pathogens through the bipolar ionization process. The destruction of pathogens can be essential in promoting people’s health and wellbeing because the infections will reduce by far. Therefore, people should embrace the Global plasma technology in their respective spaces to aid in reduced impacts and spread of Covid-19.

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