Integrated SystemsWhen it comes to an organization’s security, system integration for security purposes is a priority. Most company’s assets are protected through an integrated system. Integrated systems refer to bringing together several computer systems to a convergent point to perform advanced system functions. Major aspects covered under integrated systems include integration theories, types of integration, and security system integration advantages. It is a process that often requires connectivity and partnerships between physical security, Information technology security, and other corporate or organizational stakeholders.

The primary purpose of integrated systems is to join several application systems together. The systems contain organizational information that needs to put together in single coordination.

The value of integrated systems for organizations

Alpha energy solutions offer you an advanced integrated system for your customers that comes with immense value.

When a company installs an integrated system, it experiences the following. First, working relationships with clients and partners are improved while increasing the workflow efficiency and reducing operational costs. Implementing the modern system puts your business in a future-ready state. However, as much as integrated system’ value may entice any organization to install, make sure you understand the different system integration methods.

Methods of Integrated Systems

At Alpha Energy Solutions, we ensure that you have the right integrated system solution because it’s quite difficult to nail down the most suitable integrated solution for your business.  There is much more than the three system integrated methods when it comes to choosing the right solution.

Vertical Integration

This method involves bringing together unrelated small systems into a single and functional unit, with each subsystem having a symbiotic relationship. Also known as creating silos, the vertical integrated systems’ process involves the subsystems, consisting of a handful of vendors, stakeholders, and developers. With time, the methods expand and attempt to incorporate the latest functions to accomplish further business requirements. A vertically integrated system’s benefits are efficiency in supply chain coordination, streamlined vendor communication, enhanced competitiveness, and low operating costs.

Horizontal integration

Also known as the enterprise service bus, a horizontally integrated system is a specialized subsystem assigned to communicate with other small systems. This method involves creating a systems layer to permit programmatic links between different systems and horizontal integration. This method’s benefits include higher operational efficiency, improved SI method, high chances for business progression, and versatile communication capabilities.

Start integration system

Also known as point-to-point integration, this method depends on the point-to-point methods of bringing together computer systems. After the connection, the systems look like a star polyhedron. Your company’s IT system will become unsystematic while approaching SI through point-to-point integration. This method is the simplest and most complex form of SI. Most company’s today use the star integration outside a wide-ranging technology approach. You cannot predict an integrated star system’s cost because integration charges and placement time can rise steeply when subsystems export assorted or propriety interfaces.  Some benefits include quick application feature implementation, deployment flexibility, and simplicity.

There is no doubt that a lack of security systems within your organization could affect your business future; that is why Alpha energy solutions offer you an advanced integrated system for your customers and the entire company.


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