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HVAC system

HVAC systemHVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An HVAC system comprises several parts that perform crucial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning in a building. Without these parts, it is safe to say that an HVAC system would work ineffectively. Alpha Energy breaks down these HVAC parts and explains why they are useful to an entire HVAC system.

Useful to an entire HVAC system.

  • The furnace is often confused with boilers, but these are two different appliances for HVAC. It is usually located in a basement since it takes up a lot of space in an HVAC system. It is responsible for moving air from the heat exchanger to the air ducts.
  • People usually assume that the heat exchanger is part of the furnace in an HVAC system, but that is not the case despite the heat exchanger being located inside the furnace. The heat exchanger has its function to add heat to the air coming from the combustion chamber.
  • As the heat exchanger, another component is mistaken to be part of the furnace because it is located inside the furnace; this is the evaporation coil. There is a fluid called refrigerant, which causes cooling called a refrigerant. In the evaporation coil, the refrigerant runs through it, and the coil absorbs the heat from the air passing through. When heat is absorbed from the air, the air becomes cool and flows through the ducts to your rooms.
  • Refrigerant tubes are metallic tubes found in an HVAC system. They connect the condensing unit and the evaporating coil. Since the condensing coil is found outdoors while the evaporating coil is located indoors, these tubes connect the outdoors to the indoors. These tubes carry the condensing fluid from the condensing unit to the evaporating coil and return the gas to the condensing unit. Connecting these two components implies that these tubes carry the refrigerant in varying temperatures.
  • The condensing unit is like the evaporator coil. It is cube-shaped and is found outside for an outdoor HVAC unit. Like the evaporating coil, it exchanges heat with air that passes through it. However, the difference between the two other than one being found indoors while the other is outside is that, while the heat exchanger takes up the heat from the incoming air, a condenser unit emits heat to the air passing over it.
  • A thermostat is the most known part of an HVAC system, and it regulates the air conditioning and heating system depending on the temperature you set. Thanks to technology, you can control your temperature even when not at home, thus saving your house’s energy consumption.
  • Ductwork and vents. The air ducts transport the air throughout the house, distributing it to each room; however, the air enters the room through vents, which are rectangular covers. These rectangular covers can be found on the floor or the ceiling of a house.
  • An HVAC system also consists of a heat pump that takes heat from inside to outside in hot months. During winter, it takes the heat from outside to inside.

The HVAC systems available at Alpha Energy Solutions have these parts to ensure unbeatable efficiency. You can contact us for any inquiries or maintenance issues regarding HVAC systems.

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