Chiller Repair


A chiller functions as a cooling system and cools materials. We install chillers to protect our equipment which suffers from overheating. They are also very cost-effective because they reduce your utility bills on water and reduce the burden of replacing equipment spoilt every year because of overheating.

Chiller RepairThere is a liquid that works as a refrigerant in a chiller cooling system and goes through the heat exchanger to transfer the heat energy. A chiller does this by removing heat from a fluid through a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The fluid gets circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment. Materials cool when the heat gets absorbed by the liquid. There are different kinds of chillers, all working under the same principle of transferring and absorbing heat. Heat transformation is a common principle for all chillers, regardless of their type. The heat is transferred from a material requiring cooling to a substance acting as a carrier for the heat; this substance can be a liquid. Once the carrier takes away the heat from the material, it transfers the heat to a system.

Chiller Repair importance for the correct working

A chiller system comprises very many components that must operate well to ensure the chiller’s maximum efficiency. It is important to note that all these components must be in good condition, or else your chiller will not do its functions diligently. These chiller components include a condenser, an evaporator, a power unit, water boxes, a compressor, an expansion valve, and a control unit. These components have different functions, but together, they make up a sound chiller system. Here are some of the tasks of the chiller components; a condenser removes heat from the refrigerant. There are two types of condensers; air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers; both perform the heat removal function. The compressor, the most critical component in a chiller system, ensures the refrigerant moves swiftly throughout the system without interruptions. There are several compressor types like rotary and axial compressors.

An evaporator picks up heat from the structure and sends the heat to the cooling tower. The expansion valve expands the refrigerant’s volume to allow the refrigerant to absorb heat in the evaporator. The power unit controls the chiller’s electricity supply while the water boxes separate the entrance and exit and direct the system’s flow. A control unit acts as a supervisor, observing and managing performance. All these components work very efficiently together, so it is essential to ensure that they are kept in good shape. However, it is not always a guarantee that they will still be in good condition; at times low maintenance, or wear and tear can warrant a chiller repair. For chiller repairs, don’t just settle for short-term and average solutions to your problems; instead, go for the best and long-term solutions that are sure to maximize the chiller functionality. Alpha Energy Solutions has the best services for chiller repair with very well-trained and equipped technicians to diagnose and repair your chillers.

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