Antiviral Useful Sanitizer


Antiviral Useful SanitizerViruses are essential in the spread and emergence of various respiratory complications. It is easy for you to be carriers of these viruses from your hands to other body parts or from other surfaces to your hands and eventually to your other body parts. Either way, hands play a significant role in the transfer of these viruses to the body. That is why it is essential to keep your hands clean before touching the food you are about to eat or when you want to feel your face because the nose, mouth, and eyes provide an entry for these viruses into the body. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your hands are free of germs because the consequences of dirty hands are more than just a tummy ache at times. You can transmit diseases as well. Viruses like norovirus and coronavirus are examples of viruses that can quickly be transferred to our bodies and lead to a fatal incident. Therefore, to avoid a grave situation from arising, keeping our hands clean is a good starting point.

Antiviral Useful Sanitizer use regularly

Washing our hands regularly is a protective measure that can prevent these viruses from reaching our bodies. It is not just washing hands, but cleaning them thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds. However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where handwashing is impossible. Maybe in public transportation means like the bus, other buildings might not have accessible handwashing points, or some places lack adequate water to ensure that you regularly wash your hands. In such cases, sanitizers come in handy. The most preferred are the alcohol-based sanitizers which inhibit the activities of microbes and viruses. This type of sanitizer is useful mostly for enveloped viruses; for the other non-enveloped viruses like norovirus, alcohol-based sanitizers might not be as effective as they would be for enveloped viruses. Therefore, it is essential to research which type of virus you are trying to prevent to get the correct sanitizer. Alpha Energy Solutions has specialists that could help you identify antiviral sanitizer type that is very useful. Our antiviral sanitizer disinfects hands and surfaces against viruses and other microbes and enveloped viruses.

At Alpha Energy Solutions, we provide an antiviral sanitizer that offers adequate protection against the spread of viruses and bacteria. Some ingredients actively prevent enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, mycobacteria, fungi, and gram-positive and harmful bacteria. This sanitizer boosts your security against these unwanted pathogens in your body. These antibacterial and antiviral components help to sanitize and disinfect surfaces and free them of any pathogenic details. Alcohol-based sanitizers mostly have a 60% ethanol composition. This is the least percentage of ethanol in the sanitizer that makes it useful; anything less than this does not work as effectively as it should. In HVAC equipment, sanitizers can be used to prevent these pathogens from coming into contact with the air we breathe and clear the airways from other harmful air contaminants, which would otherwise bring illnesses to us.

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