SanitizeIT Commercial Disinfecting

SanitizeITCommercial building managers are now being tasked with implementing new ways to manage infection control. SanitizeIT commercial disinfecting solution offers promising results. Due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus, businesses are taking steeper measures to ensure that facilities are germ-free. Finding the right combination of tools, however, can be difficult considering the nature of busy establishments. The truth is that success may only come with testing out certain methods and doing away with others. Still, now is a great time to consider commercial disinfecting as a regular service not only to potentially circumvent the coronavirus, but for common germs as well. 

Every year, hundred upon thousands of people end up leaving work ill or calling out sick due to illnesses that are somewhat preventable. The common cold, the flu and other upper respiratory diseases are easy to pick up within the walls of a commercial facility. Because so many different individuals frequent a building on a regular basis, it is not uncommon to find that during peak seasons, a large number of people fall ill one behind the other. SanitizeIt  commercial disinfecting solution that can address the challenges of regular disease control as well as during the course of an outbreak. 

 What is SanitizeIT Anyway? 

SanitizeIT is a clinical-grade disinfectant and deodorizer. The solution has been used in facilities to deliver spaces that are free from viruses, bacterial, mildew and foul odors.  In the past, go-to cleaning chemicals included bleach and ammonia which can both yield dangerous results if not handled properly. Even more, the combination of the chemicals with less potent cleaning solutions can lead to toxic fumes. SanitizeIT is a cleaning solution that does not pose a threat to end-users, nor does it contain harmful chemicals. 

Commercial facilities enjoy using SanitizeIT because it is non-corrosive, non-caustic, and fragrance-free. Additionally, the solution is easy to apply. Our service technicians use the device to deliver a light mist over the areas that our clients specify. For example, we can spray desks, counter tops, electronics, office equipment, kitchen areas, and material. The solution does not harm fabrics and can be used on curtains, upholstery and carpeting without damaging or staining the material. 

Disinfecting for Buildings

Disinfecting workspaces is becoming a norm for commercial buildings, offices, retail establishments and restaurants if it wasn’t before. Now, businesses are doing even more to protect employees and customers from illness.  It is a great time to start implementing some new methods that are effective. 

SanitizeIT is an effective disinfecting solution. The formula offers an extensive kill list of viruses, germs, bacteria, mold and mildew that can be resolved on contact or within a few short minutes. As with all cleaning products it is a good idea to follow common sense and manufacturer guidelines on use. The SanitizeIT product is safe to use around pets and is also NSF-safe so it may be applied to surfaces where food is prepped. Although it is not harmful to the end-user, recommendations suggest clearing the area during.

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