COVID-19 Sanitizer Treatment for Commercial Facilities

COVID-19 sanitizerAs businesses are trying to put the pieces together in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alpha Energy Solutions  is pleased to offer COVID-19 sanitizer treatment for disinfecting facilities. Since the unprecedented event that swept the globe with coronavirus, business leaders are stressing the need for safer, healthier buildings. We are capable of providing a fast and effective service for your facility while using a cutting-edge device, SanitizeIT.

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Our unique cleaning system helps you to achieve a building that is by all standards, Clinically Clean®. SanitizeIT works by applying a light mist throughout facilities to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and strange odors. According to the Center for Disease Control, commercial day centers should be using the best practices for infection control to reduce the spread of viruses throughout facilities. 

COVID-19 Sanitizer Services

Viral spread can be circumvented by activities such as hand-washing, using hand sanitizer when soap is unavailable, and cleaning spaces with EPA-registered disinfectants. Even with the best preventative measures in place, some facilities happen to fall short.  As a COVID-19 sanitizer treatment, Sanitize it is a potentially viable option. Furthermore, the disinfecting solution is non-caustic and non-corrosive so it will not damage materials or hard surfaces. 

Commercial Spray Services Applied

COVID-19 sanitizer needs are common in facilities where people spend a large percent of their day. For example, schools, offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, gyms, nursing homes and hotels are all establishments that would benefit from a COVID-19 sanitizer

Stopping the spread of infection in facilities is not just an issue happening in the moment. Facilities should consider routine deep cleaning to reduce the amount of particulate matter in a building. Germs can grow anywhere people frequent so continuous rounds are necessary to ensure that spaces remain clean.

Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of a COVID-19 sanitizer service for your facility? If so, contact us. Our service technicians are on-call throughout the year, 24-hours a day and 7-days a week to accept service calls. Reach out to our service experts to find out how we can help improve the air quality of your facility.

It is paramount for facilities to be healthy so that businesses may continue to thrive. Maintaining a health facility is simply good practice. When it comes to commercial cleaning, the investment is worth it to keep your employees and customers safe, not only during unprecedented times, but all the time. 

SanitizeIT is safe for use around humans and animals. The solution is non-toxic. Furthermore the cleaning formula as been certified as safe by the NSF. For a non-corrosive alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals, then SanitizeIT is a great options.

Alpha Energy Solutions is an expert in commercial HVAC. To add to our list of capabilities, commercial disinfecting is a highly-effective choice for busy establishments looking to provide a cleaner environment for employees and customers.

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