COVID-19 Sanitizer for Commercial Facilities

covid-19 sanitizer for commercial buildingsWhile businesses attempt to recover from the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Alpha Energy Solutions is inclined to offer COVID-19 sanitizer for commercial buildings. Since the global pandemic that circled the world with COVID-19, companies are sensing pressure to provide safer facilities. We, however, can offer swift and effective treatments for your commercial buildings with a helpful tool, SanitizeIT.

SanitizeIT is a potential COVID-19 sanitizer solution for commercial buildings that includes a safe formula. The compound is straightforward to use. Read on to learn how Sanitize IT can help your facility reduce infectious spread.

Our distinct COVID-19 sanitizer system enables facilities to achieve a cleaner building by higher standards. SanitizeIT functions by applying a gentle mist throughout spaces to eliminate germs. Furthermore, based on information from the CDC, commercial day buildings should be incorporating the best practices for infection control. Infection control limits the spread of germs in buildings. 

COVID-19 Sanitizer to Improve Cleaning Procedures

Infectious spread can be greatly reduced by behaviors including hand-washing and using hand sanitizer when soap is not readily available. Cleaning spaces with EPA-approved disinfectants is also helpful. The problem, however, is that some cleaning methods are not as thorough. Companies can always do better to improve infection control. COVID-19 shed light on the failings of companies to provide healthier environments for employees and customers. A COVID-19 sanitizer for commercial buildings is worth considering as an effective cleaning method. 

SanitizeIT is, in fact, a safe product that is EPA-registered. Furthermore, the formula is also NSF-certified. NSF-certified indicates the product can be sprayed around food prep surfaces. SanitizeIt is not harmful to people nor pets. Additionally, the cleaning solution is non-corrosive and non-caustic. The SanitizeIt disinfectant will not ruin fabrics or surfaces. 

Commercial Sanitize Solutions in Use

The demand for COVID-19 sanitizer is greater in facilities where many people gather. Examples of facilities that might benefit from a coronavirus sanitizer treatment are: schools, daycare centers, medical clinics, gyms, industrial plants, hotels and nursing centers. 

Limiting the spread of germs in buildings is not simply a current issue. Commercial facilities should think about routine disinfecting on a regular basis to eliminate harmful particulates. Viruses can spread nearly everywhere people interact. Hence, frequent cleaning is necessary as a means to infection control. 

Seeking to learn more about the benefits of a coronavirus sanitizer treatment? Contact us to learn how our technicians can service your needs. We are on-call year-round to respond to service requests. Contact our service representatives to inquire about how we can help improve your facility. 

It is essential for commercial buildings to maintain healthy environments. Healthier facilities mean businesses may continue to thrive without interruption due to illness. Employees and customers alike must realize that possible exposure to contaminants is a significant threat. Keeping a sanitized facility is merely good business practice.

Alpha Energy Solutions can offer tailored service solutions for industrial and commercial clients. Our treatments can suit your budget. In the realm of commercial cleaning, it is worth the cost to maintain the safest facilities possible for employees and customers. 

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