Commercial Sanitizer Solution for Commercial Buildings

commercial sanitizer solutionA commercial sanitizer solution is necessary for facilities as well as office spaces. In fact, it is normal for buildings to hire cleaning crews to perform service. However so-called professional cleaning is not always as thorough as it should be. Maintaining clean spaces is essential because it prevents the spread of germs in close quarters where people carry out their day to day operations. The fact of the matter is that commercial facilities are at risk for viruses, bacteria, mold, bad odors and other irritants that can cause serious health problems. Commercial sanitizer can address the problems with greater ease. 

Eliminating Viruses with Commercial Disinfecting

Most buildings are not as clean as they should be. Achieving a hospital-grade cleaning requires just the right formulas and a rigorous schedule. Some companies, however, have a difficult time with the upkeep of cleaning services which is why a commercial sanitizer solution with Alpha Energy Solutions may be an ideal solution. We can help you get your facility to hospital-grade cleaning standards using SanitizeIT, a unique formula that is safe to use on most surfaces and one that is non-toxic. SanitizeIt cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes.

Due to the fact that commercial establishments are prone to outbreaks of viruses, special attention should be paid to common areas. Microorganisms populate in areas where people spend a great deal of time in close quarters.

The issue with viral outbreaks is that it can cause an entire operation to shut down. Sometimes, the reason why employee after employee becomes ill is simply due to poor sanitizing habits within facilities. People may deal with anything from the common cold to severe upper respiratory issues at one time or another. 

Antiviral Cleaning Solution

As an antiviral solution, SanitizeIT kills most of the common viruses that touch facilities on a regular basis. Some of the germs that our solution is capable of killing include H1N1, the flu, salmonella, Rotavirus, Staph, E. coli and many more. SanitizeIT can rapidly kill over 40 different pathogens.

We understand that businesses today are concerned about the risks associated with some cleaning products. SanitizeIt is a commercial sanitizer product that is non-toxic and NSF-certified. The solution can be used on or around food surfaces. Furthermore, the product can be used around plants and animals. SanitizeIt is safe to use on a wide range of materials including fabric, plastic and metals without causing damage. The formula is non-caustic and will not destroy facility materials.  

If you are looking for an effective commercial sanitizer for your facility, contact us to learn more about our product selection. We are experts in HVAC and air quality. Our HVAC experts have access to a vast assortment of equipment. 

Our disinfecting solution is a safe alternative that is easy to apply. Furthermore, the solution requires virtually zero clean-up. For a unique alternative that delivers optimum results, consider investing in antiviral cleaning performed by Alpha Energy Solutions, an HVAC leader.

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